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Disturbia? More like Utterly Disturbing- Rihanna’s New Video

In Confusion, Music, Television on July 30, 2008 at 6:01 pm

At the gym this morning my eyes suddenly were taken away from my book, and were drawn to the big TV screens up above the machines. I couldn’t help but watch the new Rihanna video, “Disturbia“. I never comment on music videos, shocker I know… that I don’t put my two-cents in on EVERYTHING, but trust me I am usually easy on music videos. They tend to be what I consider “Brush overs“… these are videos with girls, in scantily clad attire shaking their behinds in my face. Don’t they all seem to mesh together? Regardless! This video is, out of this world- Rihanna, I am OK with you in booty shorts, I’m even ok with the drastic hair cut… but this? Oh HELL NAH

Please view this video and then read my comments. Thank you very much, I promise you it is worth the three minutes of your time:

Here we go

  • Let’s start with the intense Dominatrix theme… No, no, no. It’s fine Rihanna if you enjoy a little S&M with Chris Brown? But no need to bring that into your music videos, yuck.
  • The WHITE CONTACTS, blonde bob and long crack nails? Come on. Her eyes made her look like she is walking off the set of Dawn of the Dead
  • The convulsions that she continually had throughout the video? What was up what that?
  • Lastly, I must say the over all video looked like a horrible re-make of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video

Bad, bad choices Rihanna… 

Serious Eats Has It Right- Paula Deen is Definitely Trying to Kill Us

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For years I have mocked Paula Deen… I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve done jokes revolving around her. How the woman is not MORBIDLY obese is beyond me. She is probably, behind Emeril the top Food Network Celebrity Chef On Air. I will say this, I think she has good “intentions” but she MUST realize that each and every recipe she presents to her audience, will automatically lead to at least a 5 pound weight gain for each audience member. There is no such thing as a “teaspoon” or a “morsel” of anything on Paula’s shows.. every measuring unit is either “a slab of” or “drenched” in whatever the ingredient. I will say this loosely, on mostly every episode I have tuned into she has added at LEAST two sticks of butter to every, single, dish she goes through. The dish could even be entitled “Fresh Seafood Gumbo” and you think to yourself, OK HERE WE GO finally Paula’s whopping out a normal dish. OH no. You realize, that “without all of the butter ya’ll, nothin is tasty“. 

While interning today, one of my daily “tasks” if you will is going over the numerous Food Blogs that are popular; some include Epicurious, Grub Street (Personal Favorite), and Serious Eats. While researching/brushing up on my foodie news, I came across an ongoing piece on Serious Eats entitled, “Paula Deen is Trying To Kill Us” also known as P.D.I.T.T.K.U. Not only is it brilliant, but I totally was thinking the exact same thoughts. 

For example, here are a few “recipes” Paula has given to her viewers. As Serious Eats points out, clearly she is aiming to clog every Americans arteries, each viewer at a time. 


The Lady Brunch Burger“- Let me ask you Ladies something, is this what you typically eat for Brunch? Two glazed Krispy Kremes sandwiching a big ass burger, fried egg, and slabs of bacon? Because that SURELY is not what I eat. Perhaps, if I were pregnant with quadruplets that MAY be acceptable, probably not though. 

Mama’s Fried Biscuits“- Again I state, is it necessary to “fry” something that is extremely unhealthy for you BEFOREHAND? Let’s use FOUR ENTIRE CUPS OF VEGETABLE OIL Paula, really, there is no way we would make it to our next meal…. ever. 

“Mike’s Best Burger”- Right, I’m sure it’s the best burger, and most likely the last you will ever eat. So enjoy it.

My Fascination with Photo Booth

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I find myself, many nights when it’s cold in December playing for hours on my Mac application, known as Photo Booth. I have also realized that I am not the only one who finds this application quite amusing; every time I go home my brother and I spend countless hours playing around, stretching our faces, and even becoming cartoon characters. 

There are a few reasons why I love this feature. First and foremost, the ability to see yourself typing away is pretty darn unique to Apple computers. Granted, I don’t ALWAYS wish to see myself on the camera, but when I’m feeling bubbly, attractive, or even drunk I do love being able to snap away. Another reason this feature is RAD is because of the multiple ways you are able to distort yourself COMPLETELY. My parents, ages way into the 50’s even enjoy this aspect of the application. Take Exhibits A and B


Perhaps, after sitting here writing about which parts of this application I adore the most, I just came upon a realization. Maybe I, like most typical 20 year old girls, enjoy being able to take multiple pictures of myself, and picking the ones I like best. Unlike Facebook tags which you have NO SAY over, this is pretty cool. I can continue to snap pictures until I feel content, and then do what I please with them. Possibly e-mail them to family/loved ones, or even a new profile picture if I’m being adventurous? The possibilities are endless when you use the Photo Booth Application on your Mac. 

16 Handles, My Possible Retraction on FroYo

In Food, New York City on July 27, 2008 at 9:44 pm

I still don’t think I will still be a frequent customer of any Frozen Yogurt Joint, keeping in mind I am somewhat/largely/mostly Lactose Intolerant. I will say this, however, two days ago after lying out catching some rays with girlfriends I for some ODD reason, recommended my friends try “16 Handles” the new FroYo Shop that just opened behind our dorms. 16 Handles is “actually” located at 152 2nd Avenue between 9th and 10th St. I went into this “adventure” highly pessimistic and skeptical of ONE MORE Frozen Yogurt shop. But I must admit, I was extremely surprised/ pleased with what came my way…


Once inside, there was a lady standing with mini cups to be given out to all entering customers. You are given as many “little sample paper cups” as you please and can try all of the SIXTEEN flavors if you so desire! Me, unable to eat a full cup of the treat without feeling sick, was surprisingly satisfied with the mini tastes I tried. The best flavors I tried included the “Cookies and Cream“, “Peanut Butter” obviously, and “Banana” other flavors included “Cheesecake, Berry, Irish Mint, Strawberry Tart, and Chocolate“. What I liked most about the set up of this joint was the ability to swirl your own dessert… makes you feel somewhat important! Also, you are only charged by how much you put in, therefore, instead of having to buy either “S,M, or L” you can make your own sized treat. 

The samples are not only delicious and rich tasting, but there is absolutely no need for the toppings that they offer, even though they did offer a great array of healthy/not-so-healthy topping options as well. My one friend chose to hold off on the toppings and just filled up her cup with a variety of tasty yogurts, it rung up to only $4.00! My other friend filled up her massive bowl, added jimmies and Oreo’s and a water all for $5.15, SUCH a solid deal if you ask me. The interesting little quirk is the spoon actually; they present you with free wooden spoons which I think is original and clever.

In a nutshell, I still really do not like the concept of this Frozen Yogurt Craze, nor do I think Pinkberry or most of the other institutions are really anything “special”. This little gem, however, is definitely out of the ordinary.

My Morning Nutrition- Around The Clock Diner

In Food, New York City on July 27, 2008 at 4:01 pm

I should have probably done a critique on my one and only staple in NYC a long time ago, but I guess other things such as Amy Winehouse, frozen yogurt, and Bumper Stickers have been on my mind. Since NYU has horrible facilities for summer students, I resort to eating out three meals a day, which I’m sure is just GREAT for me.. let me tell you. Regardless, I live on 12th between 3rd and 4th, and there aren’t many places to just grab a “quick breakfast“. Therefore, I take a decent hour almost every morning to eat, chit chat and and relax with my friends at The Around The Clock Diner, located on Stuyvesant and 3rd.

I come here for a few reasons. If anyone even knows me remotely, they know I love LARGE portions of food. I can’t take restaurants that present me with portions of food my cat wouldn’t even be full from. This is probably why I always resort back to “ATC“, I am never disappointed with the size of my breakfasts. Their portions are always generous. Also, for $8 I feel like I am getting QUITE a good deal; this morning I got an omelette with three fillings, veggies with ginger sauce, four slices of toast, andddd free iced coffee and REFILLS. H-E-L-L-O?

I have three friends who work there. One little Mexican man who always tells me how beautiful my feet are, ok a bit creepy but I know he means well! This awesome blonde chick with pink highlights in hair; she always comes in with the craziest stories. Legit, the girl parties until 8 am in Williamsburg and makes it hung over, and barely breathing into work by 10 am. I am always QUITE impressed with her and her ability to be a complete INSOMNIAC and yet be totally normal/cool. Lastly, there is a beautiful Latino waitress who is a bit more reserved than the blonde but still loves my daily appearance in the restaurant.

If you go to NYU, want a cheap meal with generous portions, or even just a place where you can always find someone to chat with? I suggest you stop by Around The Clock. 

My Devotion to A Crackhead

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I don’t care how many times Perez Hilton mentions Amy’s “brushes with death”. I think he over exaggerates when he claims she spends the majority of her days smoking crack cocaine and shooting up heroin.. I’d say in all reality she probably spends about only HALF of her day doing those activities. Regardless, I still love Amy Winehouse.




Years ago, I came across Amy’s CD.. Immediately I popped it in my computer and at that moment? Our relationship was formed. Forget about how rancid of a woman she is, put aside the fact that she will most likely live until 2012, and just listen to her music. It is incredible, unique, and fresh. I will, however, attest to the fact that currently when she performs I can’t help but watch the train wrecks she calls “performances”.

Let me make one bold statement, I have faith that … ok I really don’t have faith that she will clean up her act because truthfully I see her with a toe tag on by 2012, but I will say that her music is genius. Her music, yes. Her life, her husband, her body weight, her drug issue? Well that is another story.

Bumper Stickers, Friend or Foe?

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I am clearly not going to blog right now about how dumb I find bumper stickers to be, because I don’t feel that way whatsoever. I tend to find myself spending an IMMENSE amount of my time searching for hours upon hours for “THE” perfect bumper sticker to send to my friends. I also hate/love the fact that Facebook does not really categorize them, which then correlates to people spending many hours of their day on their site searching for specific ones they hope to find… “at some point”. That is the quintessential line, “I will only search for a minute or two until I find one about my sorority” let’s say for example. Forty minutes fly by and you have yet to come across that bumper with your sorority’s name flashed in Pink Bubble Letters you were hoping to have found 35 minutes ago.

For entertainment’s sake I will review the few categories of bumpers I see the most of and how I either find humor in them or how I feel as though the people that posted them should be taken to an insane asylum.

The Typical “Hopeless Romantic” Stickers


I first off am offended that automatically girls choose to use hearts and pink in their bumpers, insinuating that all of us girls JUST MUST LOVEEEE the color pink, and hearts. Well news flash? We don’t. I also cannot explain to you how irritating it is to see page after page of Hopeless/Pathetic girl created bumpers that are pretty much cries for help in my opinion. Downgrade. 

Everyone’s Favorite: Some ECards 

I seem to find these oddly amusing, as do most people. I can’t explain what exactly it is about these particular bumpers that I love, perhaps it’s the fact that the written joke has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with the picture being displayed in the bumper. If you think about any of the E Cards for the most part, you will take note of the fact that they really don’t make any sense. Maybe that’s their niche? 

How Can We Forget, The Jonas Brother’s Collection

For those of you who have read my posts before, I am sure you will remember that I clearly not know much about nor do I care to learn about Miley Cyrus. Therefore, the same rules apply for The Jonas Brothers. Boys? I really don’t care if you wish to stay virgins until marriage, nor do I care that you maintain a squeaky clean image while still racking in the millions. Get off of Facebook bumpers and back into Nickelodeon, thanks.

And Finally, Who Can Forget The Rap Lyric Bumpers

Glad to know you guys know the lyrics to these “greatttt” rap songs, but please dear god stop creating bumper stickers out of them. It’s irritating enough as is to have to hear Lil Wayne every 5 minutes on the radio, now I have to be bombarded by his lyrics on Facebook? Again, I state downgrade

What’s The Big Deal about Frozen Yogurt Anyways?

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If I see one more person walk by me with a big bowl of the new “hot dessert” I may hurt someone. I cannot take this craze… the UGGS with leggings? Ok, in some areas of the world I let that go because it was more functional than a fashion fad. I was even OK with the Blackberry craze… it’s annoying but necessary for those in the working world. But this Frozen Yogurt shit? Get out of here. People have this CRAZY mentality, that you can eat an abundance of “healthy” food for you without any guilt, am I right? Like, ladies I think you are not understanding the concept of Pinkberry/Frozen Yogurt in general. The serving size is about 1/2 of a small cup without any “add ons” which is primarily the reason you make the trek, so….? In reality is it any better than getting let’s say… god forbid a small cone of Haagen Daaz? Not really. 

Another point I have to make here is this. I grew up eating my daily chocolate/vanilla swirl with extra jimmies from TCBY. I cannot remember how many days I’d make my Uncle Mickey drive my brother and I to the TCBY in Amagansett because they didn’t have one in East Hampton, which is where we usually lived in during our summers in the Hamptons. I just don’t think after having frozen yogurt from a little shop by my place in Union Square, it even COMPARES to my old school favorite TCBY.

I think people flock like sheep to the “newest and hottest thing“. I truly believe even if this “Fro Yo” all of a sudden was made with rancid ingredients such as goat’s milk, let’s say, people would still be all about this dessert. Why is that? Because it’s “cool”. Look at the example below, I don’t mean to call Pinkberry out here or anything, but let’s be honest does this REALLY look more appealing than my delightful TCBY photo above? I don’t think so. 

My advice would be to stick with the old time classics, such as TCBY Swirls with JIMMIES, yes you heard right. I know they are also “out of style” because apparently they contain harmful fats? Whatever. If you live your life in fear of things as dumb as the fat in jimmies? I feel for you. 

What If I Just Don’t Know? The Problem I have with Greeting Cards.

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To My Dearest Friend… Lover… Brother… Mom.. Uncle… AND SO THE INSANITY CONTINUES.

I hope others can attest to the fact that sometimes, depending on who your shopping for even the mere thought of having to buy cards for certain people is just daunting. I cannot explain to you how many times I find myself uncertain of how to “categorize” those loved ones I am buying cards for. 

This is usually where I find myself standing with two cards in my hands, one in the left and one in the right with a look of confusion on my face. What if, crazy idea here, people don’t fit into the specifically “marked” categories? For example, if you were thinking of possibly buying a card for someone you “see” at school but perhaps aren’t speaking with as much during your summer apart? Would you consider this person your “Lover“? No. However, buying a card that starts off with a big “MISS YA BUD” doesn’t seem any more fitting, now does it?

Let’s use the example I just stated. Would this card above be appropriate? Only if your goal is to get smacked with a big RESTRAINING ORDER. This card, alongside, most other “lover” cards go WAY overboard in my opinion, I don’t need to open a card with someone attesting their love to me by way of a $3.99 paper greeting card thank you.

Right. This won’t work either…. Unless, you are hoping to watch feel good films with the person and “throw your inhibitions away” by sharing a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Yet again, mission incomplete.

I feel there should be a section of Hallmark that is somewhat, vague if you will. It could even be marked as the “CONFUSED PERSONS” section if need be. I just feel whether it be a situation in which your sending a card to your least favorite grandmother or a person whom you are not sure exactly what your relationship status is, there should be a place for that too. Anyone with me?

Just Around The Corner…

In Food, New York City on July 23, 2008 at 11:23 pm

I thought it was time to blog/comment on Cafe Deville, seeing as that I go there by myself at least once a week. Some times I will have friends who will join me, but in the event everyone is busy? I have no issue with dining alone at the adorable French restaurant. Located at 103 3rd Avenue the outdoor seating at Cafe Deville is really the attraction on days when it’s not disgustingly hot or trafficky of course. 

If you go there for anything, I really suggest you try the French Onion Soup, or the Shrimp Cocktail if it’s the right season. I am a “French Onion Soup Connoisseur” by this point and Deville is definitely in the top 3.


Very moderately priced French cuisine, with typical dishes as well such as my favorite Chicken with a simple sauteed broccoli and garlic mashed potatoes. If you live in the East Village or a big fan of a casual, mid-priced French dining experience I would recommend this joint.