Yes, Dad He is Talking to Himself, but Don’t Worry It’s Normal…

In New York City on July 23, 2008 at 3:53 am

Today Adam sent me a You Tube clip… in a nutshell, 3 million viewers have tuned into see what happens on a daily basis here in NYC. I will post the clip just so those of you who are unfamiliar with these crazy people can see what we have to deal with. 

I’m sure for those of you who reside in New York City year round or even for us interns who are only here for a few short months, you have come upon some characters. I will give you a quick glance at the daily crazy people I encounter:

THE WHITE FAIRY: On 2nd Ave, usually between 13th and 14th, there is a black man dressed in white bell bottoms, a white fur vest, white top hat, and to finish off the look white eyelashes and gloves. I kid you not. He is smiling, no matter how much money he gets in his coffee cup each day. He gets an in my book of crazy people because he doesn’t require people to donate, nor is he a “rambler”.

THE TYPICAL HOMELESS WOMAN, A GUITAR, AND HER SAD LOOKING DOG: Residing on the ground right next to the Subway station on 14th, in the middle of Union Square I come across this woman daily. She is strummin’ on her guitar.. this is not what impresses me. What catches my eye every day is the “pristine condition” of the dog! I have to wonder, do these people really stay there all night, as their board says they do? Or at 6 PM, do they pack up their work and go home?…. I think it is the latter of the two. I cannot imagine this dog is malnourished whatsoever. If anything he looks healthier than my pugs. Because I think she is lying? I will give her a C- in my book. 

THE CRAZY GROCERY CART GANG: These people are my all time favorites. Every Wednesday on West 30th, the local Church has a grocery give away, if you will. These people that are eligible for this food are obviously under privileged and in need of any thing they can get their hands on. It could be 145 degrees outside with no humidity and I truly believe these people would still be there, with their little grocery carts and paper fans waiting in line for their food. What makes this my favorite is the way this “grocery give away” is run…. The man in the front who dictates this CLEARLY has no idea what he is doing, all he does know how to do is read off numbers, and those are the lucky few that get the “goods”. For all of the other unfortunates ones? They are left empty handed, over heated, and well… hungry! A+ in my book.


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