What If I Just Don’t Know? The Problem I have with Greeting Cards.

In Confusion, Love on July 24, 2008 at 2:57 am

To My Dearest Friend… Lover… Brother… Mom.. Uncle… AND SO THE INSANITY CONTINUES.

I hope others can attest to the fact that sometimes, depending on who your shopping for even the mere thought of having to buy cards for certain people is just daunting. I cannot explain to you how many times I find myself uncertain of how to “categorize” those loved ones I am buying cards for. 

This is usually where I find myself standing with two cards in my hands, one in the left and one in the right with a look of confusion on my face. What if, crazy idea here, people don’t fit into the specifically “marked” categories? For example, if you were thinking of possibly buying a card for someone you “see” at school but perhaps aren’t speaking with as much during your summer apart? Would you consider this person your “Lover“? No. However, buying a card that starts off with a big “MISS YA BUD” doesn’t seem any more fitting, now does it?

Let’s use the example I just stated. Would this card above be appropriate? Only if your goal is to get smacked with a big RESTRAINING ORDER. This card, alongside, most other “lover” cards go WAY overboard in my opinion, I don’t need to open a card with someone attesting their love to me by way of a $3.99 paper greeting card thank you.

Right. This won’t work either…. Unless, you are hoping to watch feel good films with the person and “throw your inhibitions away” by sharing a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Yet again, mission incomplete.

I feel there should be a section of Hallmark that is somewhat, vague if you will. It could even be marked as the “CONFUSED PERSONS” section if need be. I just feel whether it be a situation in which your sending a card to your least favorite grandmother or a person whom you are not sure exactly what your relationship status is, there should be a place for that too. Anyone with me?


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