What’s The Big Deal about Frozen Yogurt Anyways?

In Confusion, Food, New York City on July 24, 2008 at 8:31 pm

If I see one more person walk by me with a big bowl of the new “hot dessert” I may hurt someone. I cannot take this craze… the UGGS with leggings? Ok, in some areas of the world I let that go because it was more functional than a fashion fad. I was even OK with the Blackberry craze… it’s annoying but necessary for those in the working world. But this Frozen Yogurt shit? Get out of here. People have this CRAZY mentality, that you can eat an abundance of “healthy” food for you without any guilt, am I right? Like, ladies I think you are not understanding the concept of Pinkberry/Frozen Yogurt in general. The serving size is about 1/2 of a small cup without any “add ons” which is primarily the reason you make the trek, so….? In reality is it any better than getting let’s say… god forbid a small cone of Haagen Daaz? Not really. 

Another point I have to make here is this. I grew up eating my daily chocolate/vanilla swirl with extra jimmies from TCBY. I cannot remember how many days I’d make my Uncle Mickey drive my brother and I to the TCBY in Amagansett because they didn’t have one in East Hampton, which is where we usually lived in during our summers in the Hamptons. I just don’t think after having frozen yogurt from a little shop by my place in Union Square, it even COMPARES to my old school favorite TCBY.

I think people flock like sheep to the “newest and hottest thing“. I truly believe even if this “Fro Yo” all of a sudden was made with rancid ingredients such as goat’s milk, let’s say, people would still be all about this dessert. Why is that? Because it’s “cool”. Look at the example below, I don’t mean to call Pinkberry out here or anything, but let’s be honest does this REALLY look more appealing than my delightful TCBY photo above? I don’t think so. 

My advice would be to stick with the old time classics, such as TCBY Swirls with JIMMIES, yes you heard right. I know they are also “out of style” because apparently they contain harmful fats? Whatever. If you live your life in fear of things as dumb as the fat in jimmies? I feel for you. 


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