My Devotion to A Crackhead

In Uncategorized on July 25, 2008 at 3:17 pm

I don’t care how many times Perez Hilton mentions Amy’s “brushes with death”. I think he over exaggerates when he claims she spends the majority of her days smoking crack cocaine and shooting up heroin.. I’d say in all reality she probably spends about only HALF of her day doing those activities. Regardless, I still love Amy Winehouse.




Years ago, I came across Amy’s CD.. Immediately I popped it in my computer and at that moment? Our relationship was formed. Forget about how rancid of a woman she is, put aside the fact that she will most likely live until 2012, and just listen to her music. It is incredible, unique, and fresh. I will, however, attest to the fact that currently when she performs I can’t help but watch the train wrecks she calls “performances”.

Let me make one bold statement, I have faith that … ok I really don’t have faith that she will clean up her act because truthfully I see her with a toe tag on by 2012, but I will say that her music is genius. Her music, yes. Her life, her husband, her body weight, her drug issue? Well that is another story.


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