16 Handles, My Possible Retraction on FroYo

In Food, New York City on July 27, 2008 at 9:44 pm

I still don’t think I will still be a frequent customer of any Frozen Yogurt Joint, keeping in mind I am somewhat/largely/mostly Lactose Intolerant. I will say this, however, two days ago after lying out catching some rays with girlfriends I for some ODD reason, recommended my friends try “16 Handles” the new FroYo Shop that just opened behind our dorms. 16 Handles is “actually” located at 152 2nd Avenue between 9th and 10th St. I went into this “adventure” highly pessimistic and skeptical of ONE MORE Frozen Yogurt shop. But I must admit, I was extremely surprised/ pleased with what came my way…


Once inside, there was a lady standing with mini cups to be given out to all entering customers. You are given as many “little sample paper cups” as you please and can try all of the SIXTEEN flavors if you so desire! Me, unable to eat a full cup of the treat without feeling sick, was surprisingly satisfied with the mini tastes I tried. The best flavors I tried included the “Cookies and Cream“, “Peanut Butter” obviously, and “Banana” other flavors included “Cheesecake, Berry, Irish Mint, Strawberry Tart, and Chocolate“. What I liked most about the set up of this joint was the ability to swirl your own dessert… makes you feel somewhat important! Also, you are only charged by how much you put in, therefore, instead of having to buy either “S,M, or L” you can make your own sized treat. 

The samples are not only delicious and rich tasting, but there is absolutely no need for the toppings that they offer, even though they did offer a great array of healthy/not-so-healthy topping options as well. My one friend chose to hold off on the toppings and just filled up her cup with a variety of tasty yogurts, it rung up to only $4.00! My other friend filled up her massive bowl, added jimmies and Oreo’s and a water all for $5.15, SUCH a solid deal if you ask me. The interesting little quirk is the spoon actually; they present you with free wooden spoons which I think is original and clever.

In a nutshell, I still really do not like the concept of this Frozen Yogurt Craze, nor do I think Pinkberry or most of the other institutions are really anything “special”. This little gem, however, is definitely out of the ordinary.


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