My Morning Nutrition- Around The Clock Diner

In Food, New York City on July 27, 2008 at 4:01 pm

I should have probably done a critique on my one and only staple in NYC a long time ago, but I guess other things such as Amy Winehouse, frozen yogurt, and Bumper Stickers have been on my mind. Since NYU has horrible facilities for summer students, I resort to eating out three meals a day, which I’m sure is just GREAT for me.. let me tell you. Regardless, I live on 12th between 3rd and 4th, and there aren’t many places to just grab a “quick breakfast“. Therefore, I take a decent hour almost every morning to eat, chit chat and and relax with my friends at The Around The Clock Diner, located on Stuyvesant and 3rd.

I come here for a few reasons. If anyone even knows me remotely, they know I love LARGE portions of food. I can’t take restaurants that present me with portions of food my cat wouldn’t even be full from. This is probably why I always resort back to “ATC“, I am never disappointed with the size of my breakfasts. Their portions are always generous. Also, for $8 I feel like I am getting QUITE a good deal; this morning I got an omelette with three fillings, veggies with ginger sauce, four slices of toast, andddd free iced coffee and REFILLS. H-E-L-L-O?

I have three friends who work there. One little Mexican man who always tells me how beautiful my feet are, ok a bit creepy but I know he means well! This awesome blonde chick with pink highlights in hair; she always comes in with the craziest stories. Legit, the girl parties until 8 am in Williamsburg and makes it hung over, and barely breathing into work by 10 am. I am always QUITE impressed with her and her ability to be a complete INSOMNIAC and yet be totally normal/cool. Lastly, there is a beautiful Latino waitress who is a bit more reserved than the blonde but still loves my daily appearance in the restaurant.

If you go to NYU, want a cheap meal with generous portions, or even just a place where you can always find someone to chat with? I suggest you stop by Around The Clock. 


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