Serious Eats Has It Right- Paula Deen is Definitely Trying to Kill Us

In Confusion, Food, Uncategorized on July 29, 2008 at 11:46 pm

For years I have mocked Paula Deen… I can’t even count the amount of times I’ve done jokes revolving around her. How the woman is not MORBIDLY obese is beyond me. She is probably, behind Emeril the top Food Network Celebrity Chef On Air. I will say this, I think she has good “intentions” but she MUST realize that each and every recipe she presents to her audience, will automatically lead to at least a 5 pound weight gain for each audience member. There is no such thing as a “teaspoon” or a “morsel” of anything on Paula’s shows.. every measuring unit is either “a slab of” or “drenched” in whatever the ingredient. I will say this loosely, on mostly every episode I have tuned into she has added at LEAST two sticks of butter to every, single, dish she goes through. The dish could even be entitled “Fresh Seafood Gumbo” and you think to yourself, OK HERE WE GO finally Paula’s whopping out a normal dish. OH no. You realize, that “without all of the butter ya’ll, nothin is tasty“. 

While interning today, one of my daily “tasks” if you will is going over the numerous Food Blogs that are popular; some include Epicurious, Grub Street (Personal Favorite), and Serious Eats. While researching/brushing up on my foodie news, I came across an ongoing piece on Serious Eats entitled, “Paula Deen is Trying To Kill Us” also known as P.D.I.T.T.K.U. Not only is it brilliant, but I totally was thinking the exact same thoughts. 

For example, here are a few “recipes” Paula has given to her viewers. As Serious Eats points out, clearly she is aiming to clog every Americans arteries, each viewer at a time. 


The Lady Brunch Burger“- Let me ask you Ladies something, is this what you typically eat for Brunch? Two glazed Krispy Kremes sandwiching a big ass burger, fried egg, and slabs of bacon? Because that SURELY is not what I eat. Perhaps, if I were pregnant with quadruplets that MAY be acceptable, probably not though. 

Mama’s Fried Biscuits“- Again I state, is it necessary to “fry” something that is extremely unhealthy for you BEFOREHAND? Let’s use FOUR ENTIRE CUPS OF VEGETABLE OIL Paula, really, there is no way we would make it to our next meal…. ever. 

“Mike’s Best Burger”- Right, I’m sure it’s the best burger, and most likely the last you will ever eat. So enjoy it.

  1. No way–the Krispy Kreme burger is beyond my wildest (bad) dreams.


  2. Paula likes to say, “I’m your cook……..not your doctor!” She is genuinely friendly to everybody and she likes to joke around. Some of her statements are flippant and irreverent. She and her family are very generous with their time and their resources. To see photos of them at local benefits, go to spotted.savannahnow.com and type PAULA in the search box.

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