Disturbia? More like Utterly Disturbing- Rihanna’s New Video

In Confusion, Music, Television on July 30, 2008 at 6:01 pm

At the gym this morning my eyes suddenly were taken away from my book, and were drawn to the big TV screens up above the machines. I couldn’t help but watch the new Rihanna video, “Disturbia“. I never comment on music videos, shocker I know… that I don’t put my two-cents in on EVERYTHING, but trust me I am usually easy on music videos. They tend to be what I consider “Brush overs“… these are videos with girls, in scantily clad attire shaking their behinds in my face. Don’t they all seem to mesh together? Regardless! This video is, out of this world- Rihanna, I am OK with you in booty shorts, I’m even ok with the drastic hair cut… but this? Oh HELL NAH

Please view this video and then read my comments. Thank you very much, I promise you it is worth the three minutes of your time:

Here we go

  • Let’s start with the intense Dominatrix theme… No, no, no. It’s fine Rihanna if you enjoy a little S&M with Chris Brown? But no need to bring that into your music videos, yuck.
  • The WHITE CONTACTS, blonde bob and long crack nails? Come on. Her eyes made her look like she is walking off the set of Dawn of the Dead
  • The convulsions that she continually had throughout the video? What was up what that?
  • Lastly, I must say the over all video looked like a horrible re-make of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Video

Bad, bad choices Rihanna… 

  1. i must admit my reaction was like yours the first time seeing it but then after listening to the song alone… without the video then watching it again.. i thought the video is crazy but different and i think they were going for that… i like the song…. has a nice toon to it and the chorus does too… but my only think was at first…..(not knowing the lyrics) im automatically think she talkin about goin crazy over a guy but then after reading the lyrics i dont really know where this song came from lol know what i mean like it could have went wit a movie…. but i thought of thriller too because of that but eh its alright its something different then what i see on a day to day basis…

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