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Paula Deen Isn’t Alone. 7- 11’s Attempt To Kill Us

In Confusion, Food on August 5, 2008 at 4:27 pm

I must admit, I have lived half a block away from a 7-11 my entire life and have obviously grown life long bonds with the employees there over the years. Looking back on my purchases, however, has left me in quite a large panic attack. Some of the purchases have included the oh so colorful and “nutritious” Slurpee, yeah OK… The soft pretzels which boosts cholesterol with every bite, and last but not least their “Simpson’s Inspired Donuts”.

I think that there ARE options a bit healthier than my picks but because these options are offered? It’s my conclusion that they are trying to kill us, just like Paula Deen.

I must also include a side comment here, my brother always buys those oh so attractive looking “taquitos“. If those aren’t asking for high chances of heart attacks I don’t know what else is. Who KNOWS what they stuff into these roll ups. They also make me unsettled because of how they are presented; hot and rolling for hours on end. Just seems wrong.