Hell Must Have Frozen Over- My Trip To Whole Foods

In Uncategorized on August 6, 2008 at 4:14 am

I really, really had no interest in Whole Foods. Sure, I understand there is a need for Americans to begin buying more organic and locally produced goods. No problem. However, I have some deep seeded resentment whenever I walk by a Whole Foods. It looks as though it’s a legitimate crack house; people are running and I mean RUNNING to get inside the building. Why exactly? To hurry up and buy over priced goods that last for a shorter duration than normal “pesticide ridden” foods? I needed to find out for myself, but that would involve me actually going inside… so for the past two months I have avoided finding out what makes this market so wildly popular. This all changed last Friday…

I went into Whole Foods, with no shopping cart in hand- obviously because I assumed/was determined NOT to buy anything. But rather, to walk around with a very inquisitive face and do my own little Harriet The Spy Inspection of the place. All that was missing really was the bright polyester rain jacket, oh well.

Over all, I must say… the place was quite impressive. Not only was it “impeccable” and by that I am referring to every single item displayed in the market. I believe that if I were to cough and shift the position of the grape display, there would be a chipper little WF Employee there to “fix the situation” immediately by rearranging the grapes within a matter of seconds. I literally could not find ONE ITEM in the entire store that was not lined up perfectly.  


Also, the displays of some of the foods/kitchenware really impressed me. They displayed the cheese beautifully and even offered crackers and “cheese of the day” to try. It looked so tempting, I suffered through a stomach cramp later just to try the cheese… and let me tell you, it was well worth it. 


I am starting to “somewhat” understand the hype. I think it has a lot of unique features that draw people into the store… such as very fresh, local, organic foods etc…. great displays, and many choices to choose from. I don’t believe I will be switching over from Trader Joe’s anytime soon but it’s nice to know other options are out there for me, I guess!

  1. the best thing about organic foods is that they are free from hazardous chemicals that are present in non-organic foods~,”

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