What Happened To Just Working Out? My Beef With “New Age Ways To Slim Down”

In Uncategorized on August 6, 2008 at 7:52 pm

Hey, I may not be the most athletic person you’ll come across. I don’t think I’ve done a “crunch” or a “push up” since 06′, however, I will say this. I believe that there is something to be said for just going for a good ol’ walk, or even biking outdoors in the woods.

This whole new age craze is killing me. Why should I be convinced that “Dance Dance Revolution” will trim down my thighs as People Mag recently claims. Let’s see here, Nintendo’s “Wii” is said to help millions wittle away the pounds as well. Hi, this is my personal belief. The time that people stay indoors playing Nintendo games, could have been time spent doing “normal exercise practices” such as jogging, walking, even roller blading! I won’t even go off on my tangent about Rock Band right now, but the philosophy can also be used when discussing the COUNTLESS amount of hours teenage boys spend playing a simulated music game. If these people spent the time playing the game as they do learning to actually play the instrument they would be fairly good. Perhaps it’s just my opinion. 

Here we have people “working out” via Dance Dance Revolution

Here instead of venturing outside and into the fresh air, people are playing “Tennis”, video game version that is of course

One more “new age” way of losing weight has been extremely popular very recently. The idea of “slim down sneakers”. PLEASE this must be a joke. I literally had to sit through a 20 minute piece on the Sunday Morning Show about these “sneaks/fit flops”. 

This is the name of the “ENTIRE SECTION” on Bliss.com devoted to shoes specifically designed to make you look more fit.. Never thought our society would become this lazy, I knew we were progressively going downhill. I guess I just assumed it wouldn’t have happened this fast. Get off your butt and do something, don’t rely on flip flops to work out for you.


Without me saying ANYTHING, all of you must be thinking the same thing as I am. Who the HELL would wear these things? They make the Moon Shoes we used to wear look somewhat hip. I believe if I saw someone in those gladiator-esque shoes walking down the street, I’d have to assume they were heading to perform in a Colosseum with animals.  The shoes below the Gladiator boots are not much better, I believe Naturalizer makes shoes MUCH more attractive; at least their shoes serve a “logical purpose”.

My summary is this; I believe that not everyone has time to spend hours slaving away in the gym, however, there is a happy medium. If you chose to spend the time and money on “easier ways to slim down” you can spend that time and money instead on buying yourself a trainer, or even just going for a freakin’ jog!


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