My New Singin’ Sensation- Justin Nozuka

In Love, Uncategorized on August 9, 2008 at 1:26 am


A few reasons why I am giving Justin praise. First off, I love everyone with the name Justin for the most part. It began back in 2000 when I first laid my eyes on Mr. Timberlake on the Disney Channel. I’ll never forget, he was wearing a fire red and blue flame uni-suit. From that point on, I was “Lustin’ for Justin” as the sign that I made him stated. Ok, I’m getting off topic but the point I was making was that I tend to fall for singers named “Justin”.

Aside from his lovely first name, what originally caught my eye was his music video for “After Tonight” which played originally on MTV2. It was a weird video, older people looking up at stars in the woods while sitting around a bonfire pretty much. It wasn’t the “originality” of the video that caught my eye, it was the wildly mysterious hot man with the raspy voice signing who captured my heart.

So similarly to my instant infatuation with JTimb, I bought his CD on ITunes without even previewing anything beforehand. I tend to trust that singers wouldn’t put out an album unless it was “tip top”. Obviously, I have been proven wrong many times, however, not in this instance. There are so many songs I’ll recommend to download on ITunes… If you enjoy Folk, Pop, or Blues music you will like him. He is a combination of Jason Mraz, Michael Buble, and Gavin DeGraw. I’d say he stands out with the lyrics he presents his listeners… One of the more chilling songs is entitled, “Save Him” which is all about domestic abuse. It is an insanely tight song but if you listen to the words, it is also very intense and real as well…

Here are my recommendations:

– “Save Him”

– “Mr. Therapy Man”

– “Golden Train”

– “Supposed to Grow Old”


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