Too Many Things To Choose From

In Confusion, Food on August 11, 2008 at 2:57 pm

While browsing in the local CVS with my brother, something hit me. Us Americans really do have far too many options in life. Let’s take going to the market, in reality, do I REALLY need 15 different varieties of Ketchup to choose from? No, not really.

What makes Early America charming to me was the lack of complication, point blank. Let’s say we were on our Ketchup quest 60 years ago, our trip through the market would have been MUCH shorter. There was one Ketchup, one Mayo, and one type of yellow mustard to choose from. Although there’s something to be said about the “ability to have options” I truthfully believe we are at system over load with the amount of options thrown our way.

Back to CVS, Bren & I were searching for scar treatment cream. The woman advised us to “browse” the Skin Aisle and well find what we were looking for. I now realize that with over 60 “skin healing products” available, the best solution maybe to just go with what you know. This idea can also be referring to food shoppping as well. Buy the JIF Crunchy regular Peanut Butter. You grew up with it, you loved it. Why change? I think unless you have some MAJOR urge need to switch things up, I suggest you continue on using the products you know & love, because otherwise? You’ll be spending far too much of your life “just browsing”!


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