Age is Just a Number… Or Is It?

In Confusion, Uncategorized on August 20, 2008 at 1:42 am


TARGET’S AD: What a great commercial- catchy tune, great dancing, and neat “Back To School” bedding… There seems to be one thing, however, I keep scratching my head about.. do they really want us to believe these girls are really freshman in college? 

This is the topic of debate recently, most importantly in regards to the ages of the Olympic Gymnasts.

There is no way, that any judge/American/gymnast believes that this little weenie winner in the middle, is SIXTEEN years old. She clearly hasn’t hit puberty… granted, gymnasts in general do tend to “postpone” puberty, however, she is no where near the age of this awkward time. 

I just truthfully think there is nothing wrong with these gymnasts being under 16 and winning. If they have the capabilities to perform at an Olympic level at TWELVE (which is the age of the winner, I’m sure) then why not let them openly compete? But because it is a rule that all competitors must be of the age of sixteen, I think it is CRUCIAL that their papers/visas/documents be THOROUGHLY INSPECTED!


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