Warren Tower’s Starbucks Installment, I Mean Really?

In Food, Uncategorized on August 21, 2008 at 2:55 pm

Is it necessary I even rant about this? I’m sure others who attend BU have and will continue to express their anger about the new Starbucks, strategically placed on the bottom of Freshman Dorms, Warren Towers.

While walking back from my seventh trip to Campus Convenience last Friday I came upon this brand spankin’ new Starbucks on the corner of the street. Clearly I realized one would EVENTUALLY be built after they knocked out the oh-so-healthy Taco Bell, but I didn’t think it really hit me until I saw it for the first time on Friday.

It looks like the others, offers the same goodies like the others, but for some reason I’m oddly irritated. I guess the SBux inside the George Sherman Center doesn’t bother me AS much because it’s not it’s own institution, I really don’t know. All I know for sure is that AMERICA NEEDS NO MORE STARBUCKS!

AND ONE MORE THING! I think Warren Towers is extremely congested as is, so many students going up and down those little escalators all day and night. I truthfully believe having a Starbucks which is highly popular among ALL of BU students located on the bottom of Warren will make walking around BU East IMPOSSIBLE

All I am hoping is that because of the recent news regarding the closings of over 600 Starbucks, ours is low on their list of profits and they are asked to close shortly after school begins. If not, I think you will all be seeing me standing outside with posters boycotting this outdated coffee store.


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