I’d Like That Tastykake, but the Low Fat Version Please.

In Confusion, Food, Uncategorized on August 22, 2008 at 12:42 am

I really cringe every time I see people (including my father cough) buy the Low Fat versions of the unhealthy favorites, such as Tastykake’s, Ben & Jerry’s, and Lay’s Chips.  This is my mentality about the issue… I feel as though, those who buy these “lower fat versions” feel “entitled” to indulge if you will on more generous portions than they would have with the regular versions. With that in mind, isn’t it right to say that perhaps you should just buy the regular versions and eat the portions you ate to begin with?

Let’s take Ben & Jerry’s Regular versus Fro Yo:

REGULAR: 1/2 cup equals about 12 grams of fat, and 230 calories

LIGHTER COUGH VERSION“: 1/2 equals 3 grams of fat, 190 calories

OK… I can indulge

Oh I Really Shouldn’t Be Eating This

It’s only from personal experience that I make this sweeping generalization. I’m sure there are plenty of American’s that will eat the allowed 1/2 cup and in reality will cut generous calories/fat by merely eating this lower fat version. But for the majority of Americans that I have come across, however, NONE have stopped at 1/2 cup… everyone feels they are allowed to indulge…which led me to my conclusion that they should stick to the originals


  1. I don’t really believe about the sweets with low calories. People try not to feel quilty by eating a product with less fat. It is about how much sweets you eat in a day. they can be low in fat but if you eat a lot and everyday, the mount of calories would be added up. People will say well is low fat, let me eat a big cup of ice cream o ten cookies..the product will not be low fat anyway. it will be regular in calories.

  2. Perfer all natural foods !

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