Back in The Bean- Pick of the Week: When Pigs Fly

In Uncategorized on September 1, 2008 at 12:16 pm

While painting pottery with my friend Ally last week, the normal chit chat occurred. During our conversation we were mentioning the perks to living in a city like Manhattan for one reason and one reason only…. the unbelievable selection of fresh foods. This could range from anything such as fresh organic eggplants sold in Farmer’s Markets to “fresh bread baked daily”. In regards to our fresh bread yearning, Ally mentioned the lack of solid fresh food markets in Boston, which after having come back this fall with a more critical eye, must agree with her on that.  After finishing up our little ceramic mugs and our conversations of course, we leave the “Clay Room” (amazing by the way!) and stumble upon, ‘WHEN PIGS FLY‘… A NEWLY OPENED BAKERY SPECIALIZING IN VARIOUS FRESH BREADS CREATED DAILY! We couldn’t believe our eyes, so at that point we knew by the sounds of our stomachs and the look of the breads through the window we had to go in. 

A few highlights of this adorable little bakery include:

1) The unbelievably nonchalant owners who could care less if you buy and wouldn’t mind if you had come merely to sample all of the breads

2) The UNREAL assortment of breads including:  Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin, CHOCOLATE, Sourdough, Banana Pecan and Maple Sugar, and my favorite Onion, Spinach, and Garlic Ciabatta.

3) The unique assortment of homemade “unique” cookies such as Oatmeal Blueberry with White Chocolate Chips as well as Preserves such as Strawberry etc.

4) Lastly, not only are you allowed to taste every single item in the store but you are pretty much forced to! They offer cookies, breads, dinner rolls, and jams all of which are available to taste at your convenience

I found out after having asked the owner that this store is VERY new for the Boston area… their branch opened just last June so because they are a newly opened store I am ENCOURAGING all of you to go and see for yourself. Hey, you might just find your new favorite bread there!


 This image does it no justice, for merely $6.00 I brought home the LARGEST foccacia bread I have ever stumbled upon. 

(Located on: 1378 Beacon Street, Coolidge Corner in Brookline, MA)

  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i need to go!

  2. When Pigs Fly is a bakery in York Maine. They sell in a few better supermarkets and in at least one store of there own – in Kittery Maine, on Rt 1.

    I hail from Kittery Maine so I know them and buy their loaves when nearby.

    (1) They specialize in ‘very’ specialized loaves typically with fruit or veg adds (like the cinamon rasin or chocolate or Anadama or whole grains or olive and pepper mentioned).

    (2) Their loaves are HEAVY, dense, filling, tasty.

    (3) Their ‘white bread’ is not half as good as that from Clearflour in Brookline, but so what?

    There is a place for When Pigs Fly here I hope. Vote with your wallets.

    – Fred

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