My Strong Dislike For John Mayer

In Uncategorized on September 4, 2008 at 8:33 pm

I started out like the rest of you. Wildly in love with JM, I can remember his song “Your Body is a Wonderland” playing on the only radio we had in our bunks at sleep away camp, back in 2001. John Mayer really entranced most girls, women, and musicians alike with his raspy voice and catchy “pop” songs. I truthfully have bought all of his CD’s so I really can’t state that I rebel against the purchasing of his music. I will say this, HOWEVER, he has morphed into a deformed looking, talentless, cocky, MAN WHORE

“John Mayer confessed he once enjoyed a fling with a groupie. John says it happened years ago and he’d never fall for a fan again because modern technology has left him too scared. John said: “I might have hooked up with people, but as soon as we hooked up, they weren’t fans anymore. I haven’t done it in a really long time, since the camera phone! I’m not trusting enough to really open up to anybody I don’t know very well anymore.” – Is this guy for real?

I will present photo explanations as to why I believe he obviously is a man whore and has large committal issues:

Latest dumpee, Ms. Aniston. Now I’m not saying she’s probably crazy as well for she has had just as many failed relationships, however, how could ANY guy dump JAn after just a matter of MONTHS?

Ok, so she is somewhat of a has been, but the fact that he openly stated, “The only time JLove wouldn’t want to have sex is when she had mono” re-emphasizes the fact that he’s scum.

Ok, so she’s dumb. But she means well I’m sure. And plus, she was totally cute during this phase of her life. 

Closing statements:

1. I think he looks like a pale little nerd who never had friends through schooling and is compensating now.

2) I think he has a “thing” for celebrity women with names beginning with “J”

3) I think he should stop babbling about his sexual conquests…. not only does it not make me uninterested in him as a performer but if I were to see him in person? I’d make sure to stay away from him with a long stick. Who knows what diseases he has?

Ok.. I “said” what I needed to “say”. — That one was for you John. 


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