Hey I Want My Own Entourage Too!

In Uncategorized on September 11, 2008 at 3:52 am

I can’t stop watching episode after episode to the point where I’ve become some what anti social.

The show is so well written, Marky Mark truly stepped up his game with this hit series. Entourage not only appeals to the younger college male demographic but females as well.

The diversity of the character’s personalities added with the slew of celebrity add in’s make this show highly addicting and relatable.

My personal favorite character is most definitely Drama. He’s not only the most anal but he is also a cook and a devoted brother to Vince.

 Ari reminds me of every uptight Jewish father I grew up with; his characters a bit too high strung for me. I love Vince but his non challant attitude gets to me at times. Turtle is great he’s witty and totally doesn’t resent his rank within the group. Lastly, E is another favorite of mine. He’s real and I think that’s what makes him very relatable character.


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