True Blood- Suck My Blood? Ehhh Perhaps.

In Uncategorized on September 12, 2008 at 3:18 pm

TRUE BLOOD. The new series on HBO…. WOWZA. I have never used that word before so if that’s not an indication that I am totally enamored with the show? I don’t know what is. I was unbelievably skeptical about even watching the first 10 minutes of the pilot. Another example of the vampire craze, great. It’s my current issue with Twilight series. If any of you have been keeping up with my blog since LAST MAY you’ll note my first post was my obsession with the Stephanie Meyer books but now that the “cool thing to like is vampires” I”m over it. I did, however, give this series ONE CHANCE to prove themselves to me. And they pulled through, big time. Wow.

First off, their marketing campaign as I discussed with my friend Laura yesterday was INCREDIBLE. Plastered all over New York and Los Angeles were signs for this “beverage” entitled True Blood with a massive sticker covering the sign saying ‘SOLD OUT’- their strategy was to confuse YET ENTICE the passerby’s. At first I thought it was a real drink, then I found out it was a new series on HBO, I was confused but it made me stay interested in the name of this new “brand” whatever it may have been.


Everything you could want was in this series premiere. Sex, love, attractive people, enticing/twisted plot, oh…. and of course vampires!!!! Anna Pacquin picked a good show to “re-invent herself” with. It’s a very simple plot…. a back water town near New Orleans attracts the likes of a ‘real life vamp’ who is not only attractive (obviously) but interested in low class waitress, Anna (obviously again).

The only comment I must make… aka… advice others about is the somewhat twisted sex scenes. Perhaps it’s just me but I really don’t like the two scenes involving rough sex leading to the death of a girl in the first half hour. I also think rough sex with a vampire taped is a bit too much for me as well. The fangs, the trebling pale body…. the whole thing gave me chills. If this isn’t your thing you may wish not to tune into this show because the two scenes were not even with the two main characters, so I can guarantee those sex scenes are on their way.

Overall, if you like Nip/Tuck esque shows, with a lot of drama, intrigue, sex, and twisted plots? I think this hour long HBO series will be a great new season pick for you.


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