…. My Goal is to Bring Em Back

In Uncategorized on September 25, 2008 at 1:25 am

So if you know me, you know I thoroughly enjoy listening to singers whom have faded many…many.. years ago. I truthfully don’t mind listening to their music- even if they are “burn outs”, so what?

I will begin with confessing three things:

1) Yes, I do still listen to the Unleash The Dragon CD, if you are not familiar with the album I will refresh your memory, “She got dunks like a trunk… trunk trunk… guys like what? What? What?… Lemme see that THONGGGG” .. Yes folks I love Sisqo still. I don’t have hopes for that little fellow, however, my next two confessions I do believe can be brought back into the musical spotlight, with all of our help!

2) I love LOVE love Lauryn Hill. Yes, she hates me because “I’m white” apparently. No, I cannot relate to any of her lyrics. But do I think she’s probably one of the most talented musicians who faded away? ABSOLUTELY. Her CD, “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” is hands down in my top 5 CD’s ever purchased. Songs to download if you don’t have them already include:

– “To Zion”

– “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”

– “Forgive them Father”


3) Alanis. I know she’s already attempted to make a comeback which I think is going fairly well, I want to emphasize JUST how much I love her… and her craziness. “You Outta Know” was the MOST intensely vengeful, angry song I have ever come across. I loved how it was somehow connected to Full House- Oh, Poor Joey. Either way, she is incredible. I love Alanis’ Greatest Hits, you should purchase that CD if you do not own it yet. You should also realize she is talented and somewhat of a hippie/uber-feminist/angry person but hey… who isn’t nowadays? 




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