…. It’s The Best Time of The Year (No, Not Christmas)

In Uncategorized on October 7, 2008 at 3:46 pm

I AM IN LOVE WITH HALLOWEEN. ALL OF YOU BE READY FOR MANY, MANY, POSTS RELATING TO THIS WONDERFUL HOLIDAY. There is something about the smell of burning fire, your hands frozen but still wanting to continue knocking on doors, and most importantly, the “analyzing” of your finds are the “Trick or Treating” is complete. I have compiled a list of some of my favorite Halloween time sweets and treats. Perhapsss this list is a bit skewed; I have an obsession with white chocolate. I truthfully don’t enjoy the taste of milk or dark chocolate for some odd apparent reason. Over the years, however, I have grown a STRONG adoration for white. So although there are some normal “picks” on the list, there will be MANY that are “white chocolate” heavy… be prepared. 


CANDY CORN– sure it’s cliche, but I absolutely love being able to buy MASSIVE bags of it for under $2.00.. OK so perhaps your teeth will suffer from the immense amount of sugar in these candies, but your stomach will sure be happy with you.

SEE’S CANDY– Ok, so I’m sure you won’t be getting these in your trick or treat bag, but I do HIGHLY suggest you go order yourself a box of these, for good behavior. These old time favorites include Carmel, Chocolate, Vanilla and are so satisfying and rich you wouldn’t believe they are classified as “lollipops”.

WHITE CHOCOLATE/ OK LET’S SAY CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS- These are GREAT little Halloween treats to make for your friends, not necessarily what you will be throwing at the ratty little six year olds who show up at your door begging for more candy. These can be made in so many different ways; which is why I think they are one of the best Halloween time treats. Personally I have White Chocolate covered pretzel sticks with Peanut Butter chips on top… mini M & M’s are just as delectable. 

AHHHH- THE ULTIMATE HERSHEY BAR; THE WHITE CHOCOLATE COOKIES N’ CREME– I already told you to watch out for the white chocolate biased blog here but either way, great bar won’t go into too much detail but I remember literally craving these bars in sleep away camp when the closest thing to them were regular old Kit Kat’s, no thank you.

LAST BUT DEFINITELY NOT LEAST, WHO CAN CELEBRATE HALLOWEEN WITHOUT CANDY/CARAMEL APPLES?– I love these things so much; perhaps it’s because I enjoy thoroughly getting my hands messy, my face sticky, and my belly full. The caramel apples cooled just right in the fridge can make any Halloween a wonderful one. 


  1. I, too, love taffy apples! I always have them around this time of year, especially for my grandchildren. Sometimes, when they stay overnight we make them from scratch.

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