Instead of Bagels Can I Bring My Bag Please?

In Uncategorized on December 24, 2008 at 6:02 am

Here’s what I’m not understanding guys. I love traveling. I love adventures. And I USED TO love flying. With the ridiculous economy,  the boosts in the costs of air travel have left many customers fleeting to Grey hounds and Paddle boats alike. I, however, still have the luxury of being able to fly but the problem is this. Although I could rationalize paying more for the flight because of the increased costs of gas, I cannot understand all of the other things going on lately with airlines. Here are some of my dilemmas:

1) Why can’t there be at LEAST an hour call prior to the flight letting you know whether or not you will be delayed and or cancelled? If it’s snowing cats and dogs at 1:50 I can GUARANTEE you it won’t be a hell of a lot better by  2:50

2) If flights such as the ones during this past Holiday weekend have to be cancelled, postponed for days, rescheduled etc. why can’t Virgin Airways, Delta, Continental all make “mini-hotels” located inside or next door to the airport. That way, those who are “registered customers” can reside there during delays, cancellations- so on and so forth

3) CHARGES FOR WATER? PRETZELS? AND DARE I SAY IT…. EVERY PIECE OF LUGGAGE? See, this is where I draw the line. It’s one thing to say we can’t bring our horse, Bobo, but it’s quite another to insist that we must now pay for everything from water bottles to each and every bag we bring with us. I mean, what’s next? You charge me less because I’m a petite girl? IT IS UTTER INSANITY. My father was charged last week for picking the “window seat” for me as opposed to the middle or the aisle- I kid you not.


Below are images of what I encountered waiting for my flight last Friday morning. The picture on the left  shows the lovely “magazine rack” addition. On the right we see complimentary “Java City” coffee dispensers and rocking chairs provided to “lounge on while you wait”.  


Dear Delta- this is all I want for Christmas…

Please stop spending money on magazine racks and coffee dispensers and let me fly home ON time, with my free luggage bag, and a bag of peanuts in hand. Thank you very much. 

Yours Truly,

Taylor Foxman


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