Will Smith Goes Shakespearean?

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In Will’s Smith most adventurous role yet, he plays a down-on-his-luck IRS worker, whose mission is to help those around him in any way possible. Through past tragedies that occurred in his life, Smith makes it his goal to fix all of his wrongdoings through helping others who genuinely need it. Realize, however, this film is very FAR from simple or mundane- it’s twisted, rather dark, and somewhat even depressing.


The new dark Smith film truly impressed me. Although the reviews butchered it to the point of NO return, I have to completely disagree with the critics.  There are a few reasons I really enjoyed the new film:

1) Will Smith completely ventured out of his comfort zone. I must admit, at first, when I heard the movie was much darker and more twisted than anything he’s ever taken on, I was apprehensive. By the time the credits began rolling, however, the tears were ROLLING (UNHEARD OF) and the tissues were out. He nailed the role

2) The topic of redemption and sacrifice brings up many questions. Many religious people had issues with the film, understandably so. But I must say it was a heart-wrenching film based around the idea of sacrifice and regret

3) Rosario Dawson, someone whom I’ve only seen in magazines and articles, was a CHARMING actor (?) actress (?) who knows anymore what’s incorrect/correct. Anywhoo, I don’t think I could find a more fitting word. Within the movie she played Smith’s love interest, not much of a shocker I’m sure. But her ability to play her role and the romantic chemistry CLEARLY apparent between Dawson and Smith made her casting, well-done


Overall I suggest you see for yourself what you think about the movie. I thought that although it was rather somber and melodramatic, it really made me take a step back and think about many different aspects of my life.


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