Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

In Uncategorized on February 19, 2009 at 9:20 pm

 “You’re making beer in our kitchen?!” Yes, ladies and gentleman this was the start to my phone call home last night. Over the course of my life, my mother has tried various culinary endeavors and failed miserably. One of the most memorable ones had to be her attempt to create “Healthy Challah French Toast“. The idea of creating anything healthy from Jewish Cooking let alone trying to incorporate french toast into the mix is nearly impossible. Her latest challenge of creating home brewed beer, however, had me thinking. 


At first, I was a bit taken a back that my mother at age fifty-five was working in conjunction with my eighteen-year-old brother to create a “microbrewery” in my kitchen. After soaking it in, however, I realized that my mother’s newest project is becoming a trend I see quite frequently in papers, magazines, and even in my own backyard. I firmly believe that the upset in the economy has turned many of the once lazy and wasteful Americans into creative and thrifty entrepreneurs. 

With the economy in the slums, one assumes the “luxuries in life” such as trips to Tahiti and Truffle Oil Macaroni and Cheese are out of the question. But are people going so far as to create all of their necessities from their home now? 


I come from a well off family but even in this economy, everyone is feeling the repercussions of what our past president left us to deal with. 

With creative new ways to produce vegetables, fruits, and apparently beer, from home, there is less of a need for locally owned restaurants and markets. Sure we all enjoy our wings and beers from Charlie’s, where really everyone does know your name, but at the same time wallets are tighter and in return we sacrifice less trips to our favorite spots. Rex Halfpenny, publisher of “Michigan Beer Guide” quotes, “If you like expensive beer, you can now make it for less”. He goes on to mention, “I can produce beers that sell in stores for over $10 per six-pack for the same price as Bud, Miller, etc.” 


The reality is as such; most people may not be as inventive as my mother and brother may be. I do believe, however, that many more people are now turning to creativity to save some money in the bank. In a sense, people are now becoming their own enterprises– when asked the name of her newly invented beer, my mother jokingly replied, “Hey now there’s an idea! Maybe I’ll start my own label.” With creativity high and finances low, everyone is eager to bring in profits however possible– whether it be from fermenting yeast for home made beer to growing the largest Jersey Tomatoes, the possibilities for these new “Recession Entrepreneurs” are endless. 

Until next time when I come home to find family members hand making linguine.


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