My Last Supper… Let me Retract That- My Last Day

In Uncategorized on March 5, 2009 at 10:42 pm

So, I’ve wanted to do this post since last August but I guess college has consumed by time and drained my creativity — oh well. I must prepare people for the scrumptious images to come; there will be many.

I will be taking you through my Last Day… not only my Last Supper, that’s not elaborate enough for my liking. Here goes.

For breakfast I’ll be having a thick stack of French Toast with REAL Vermont Maple Syrup (More specifically from the little restaurant above the art gallery in Manchester, VT- If I remember the name of the joint, I’ll alter the post). On top of the delicious French Toast will obviously be bananas, I’d add whipped cream? But I need to make it through my whole “LAST DAY” — whipped cream starting at breakfast is a no-go, even though I do love it.


For lunch, I’d go back to basics. I ate a Chicken Caesar Salad for ten years in a row? I would travel to SARDINIA and still I’d ask for a Chicken Caesar Salad. So, with that in mind, I would have THE best Caesar Salad in NYC from Mangia.


As a “drink” I’d have what I used to have growing up alongside my lunches, AN OREO MCFLURRY! Yes, you heard right. My babysitter would take Bren and I after school to Mickey D’s. I would somehow rationalize to my mom that a McFlurry WAS in fact a beverage, because it had a straw (optional, but still) and because it was in the ‘DRINK’ category in the Take Out Menu.

mcflurry4Here comes the big kahoona… The LAST SUPPER! For dinner I will be having….. My mother’s infamous TAMALE PIE. Growing up, I was the only one who enjoyed this dinner, so for my sake my mom would cook this for me and me only. She used the oh-so-gourmet Jiffy Corn Bread Mix to make THE most moist cornbread with honey on the side to accompany the beef tamale pie. Sigh.


For dessert, it was a toss up between Banana’s Foster and Homemade Confetti Cake with Vanilla Frosting with multi colored sprinkles. I had to give it to the Confetti Cake only because hands down there is NOTHING more comforting in life. Try to find me a better dessert, and I will refute you on it.


What would YOU have if it were YOUR Last Meal? ….


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