No Dad, I Won’t Add You Back- What Facebook Has Become

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So, here’s the thing. When I was a senior in high school, I remember being FAR MORE excited to receive my college e-mail address than I was to have been admitted. Why is that you ask? Oh well, because at that point (2006) ONLY COLLEGE STUDENTS could register for Facebook account. 

The concept of Facebook, originally was a wonderful idea. It helped me and many others entering their freshman year find people living in our dorms, classes, etc. I remember how useful the tool was for me when I picked up and moved by myself to San Francisco. I was able to contact most of the others who were joining me for the summer. It made situations less awkward for some reason — maybe it’s because you are able to literally read up on everyone’s entire life via FB profile? I’m not sure. But I do know that it was a remarkably helpful tool- AT FIRST.

Then… once I was in college, FB allowed for ANY Bob, Joe, and Sally to create an account. In lamens terms that meant that every younger sibling you had, then created an account. Bad news on ALL accounts. Little girls dressed provocatively in photos with captions, ‘MY BABY BOYZZZZ XOXOX‘ became commonplace. Also, it really showed us older siblings JUST HOW sane our grade was. And how mature the younger generations had developed (literally and metaphorically) .

NOW that they are on their way to college, the thrill of the Facebook is no longer there. In addition, PARENTS, AUNTS, AND UNCLES, are now on the site. 

I think this is THE clear indicator the trend should be abolished very very soon. My naive mom decided to make one, well, of course my 18 year old brother declined the invite. As a result my mother gave up her attempt to be cool. I advise all others in her shoes to do the same.



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