My Problem With B&J’s Half Baked

In Uncategorized on March 25, 2009 at 4:07 pm

Dear Ben and Jerry’s, I realize that perhaps you cannot give us an entire pint of solely Cookie Dough. By the time I finish your pints of ice cream, however, I’m utterly disappointed. This is my method as to how I go about eating your ice cream:


1) The first time I open the tub, I KNOW there will be a lot of the good stuff on top. By good stuff I am referring obviously to brownies and cookie dough. At this point  in the process, I don’t have to go diving too far into the tub to get what I want.

2) By the second attempt, however, I have to spend approximately four minutes forking out the boring vanilla/chocolate ice cream that only clouds out the tasty aspects of the Half Baked.

3) Finally, by the third attempt, I’m left with a mushy mess of black and white swirly ice cream that I have no interest in eating, no matter how intoxicated I may be when I stumble back to my apartment after a long night out.



With this is mind, Ben and Jerry’s I offer a VERY simple solution to this big problem. I think it should be configured more like a parfait:

LAYER ONE: Goodies such as brownies and cookie dough

LAYER TWO: The part no one wants: aka- the chocolate and vanilla ice cream

LAYER THREE: *AHOY: YET another layer of brownies and cookie dough

This would lead to an oveall happier customer. It’s comparable to finding more fruit on the bottom of your “Fruit and Yogurt” Dannon Cup… but better.

  1. yessssss i agree with this…it tends to be a problem with the vanilla heath bar crunch as well, very sporadic placement of the heath bar chunks!

    also, you should write an entry on the new dannon light and fit. they changed the recipe around august/september and that shit is D I S G U S T I N G now. also, they made it 10-20 more calories than the beautiful old 70 calorie formula that was delightfully yummy.

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