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Why I Don’t Watch Sports….

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I will preface my post as such: No I am NOT a hippie with hairy armpits and Birks. I do shave and I have long retired my Birkenstocks. I do, however, have a few very large issues with American’s favorite past time activity.


I will also include the fact that I had at one point LOVED sports. Well, if you consider Tara Lipinski and Michelle Kwan’s elegant skating “a sport” which you should — then I will again say I used to like sports. There was passion, movement, and dedication. Think back to the Kerry Strug days when she was willing (and did) brake her ankle to win the Gold in the Olympics way back when.


Things have changed, completely, since then. Here are the reasons why I don’t watch sports any more:

1) I don’t understand how it is that fresh out of college football stars are signing 70 MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACTS. Yes, you can read plays well. Got it. But in reality, let’s be serious here for a minute. You don’t even come up with the plays do you? Hmmm no….  In addition, Neuro Scientists who spend their Friday AND Saturday nights formulating treatments for diseases couldn’t make even ….. .10% of a football star’s earnings (even if he/she came up with a cure for the Chicken Pox!)

2) I think most people enjoy watching sports for their own personal enjoyment. See here, I don’t even think it’s RELATED to the sport itself. What do you enjoy most about a baseball game let’s say? The over priced weenies and the over flowing plastic cups of Bud Light. Half way through the game and you’re three sheets to the wind as is! Baseball? Who cares about that — let’s keep drinkin’!


3) If you think about the time you spend WATCHING that Laker’s game in overtime… in reality you could be spending some of that time, learning how to perfect a skill yourself. In this economy, you can’t afford to sit and watch others flaunt THEIR skills. Get off your lazy beer guzzling ass and learn to play guitar or hey, if you’re adventurous enough, set up your own basketball net. I’m not saying you’re going to be the next Kobe or Clapton but it sure would be a more productive and useful way to allocate your time.


What If I Wasn’t Invited? The Problem with Facebook

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While home during Winter Break my dad (a past BU med school nerd) asked me a question about the social networking phenomenon that IS Facebook. He asked, “Tayl, what if I spend my Friday and Saturday nights looking at pictures of other people having fun at bars and parties?” My response was something such as “Well why the hell weren’t you there with them!?” From the flushed cheeks I got the message loud and clear — he wasn’t invited.

I’m a social butterfly to say the least. I rarely am NOT seen out at the social bars, parties, so on and so forth. So it’s very hard for me to imagine people like my dad perhaps, who weren’t in “that crowd” in college. This is the dilemma with the event invitation application and photos on Facebook. Those LIKE Scotty Foxman feel completely left out. Had I realized the major kink in the FB social world before I may have thought twice about perhaps…. creating party invites on it and or posting “wild and crazy pictures”. 


Well, recently, I MYSELF was not invited to one 21st birthday party. I was a bit taken a back to say the least. I also, shortly thereafter, saw images from the party of the “wild and crazy times” they were having without me — unfathomable! Long story short, I realize NOW that Facebook is a great networking tool yet it can also be VERY upsetting for those who perhaps aren’t as “socially adept” as others. Or perhaps, are med students, stuck for seven years on a floor together unable to venture too far outside of the rooms with Cadavers?


My suggestion is this…. Put yourself in my dad’s shoes and think before you post. Like a “THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK” sign on the highway. Or even better “PROCEED WITH CAUTION”. I do think that FB is a great (ECO COUGH FRIENDLY COUGH) way of sending out invitations for the masses, however, it can also be hurtful if perhaps a certain someone didn’t make the “cut”. This is why I suggest you spending the 40 dollars and producing nice, paper ones. This way, the ones who are invited feel special and the ones that weren’t most likely will never know about it….. Until the pictures are posted at least. And so the never ending cycle continues!


Friday Night Lights- While I’m Never Home on Friday nights….

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I have become OBSSESED. Obsessed may be a bit of an understatement actually. I am IN LOVE with Friday Night Lights. As my mom says, “Tayl, you’re way behind the bandwagon”, which I’m ok with. The show, which I would have never expected to enjoy, has become my very guilty (yet not secret) pleasure.

Here are the reasons I never tuned in originally:

1) It’s based around a high school football team in Texas- let’s be serious here. I know NOTHING about sports, more specifically, the art of tackling men to the ground. I also, am not familiar nor have I ever visited Texas. Three things come to mind when I think of Texas – Big Macs, sweat, and cowboy hats. NO thanks.

2) It is on FRIDAY NIGHTS. Again I say, let’s be serious here guys. What 21 (cough 20) year old college student is early waiting by their television with popcorn in hand on FRIDAY NIGHT? No one. Or at least, no one I have ever been introduced to thus far in my college career.

THROUGH IT ALL, however, I managed to browse through my On Demand options two months back and decided to purchase an episode to see what I thought about it — it’s been love ever since. I will try to keep this brief, while I can’t make any promises. Here are the highlights of the show:


Need I say more? Taylor Kitsch, Tim Riggins on the show, is a great actor. Yes he’s not bad to look at too but his character is strong, unpretentious, and loving. His relationship with Lyla Garrety isn’t too convincing but he does a great job being the one who has always been over looked.


REASON TWO- Zach Gilford, who plays Matt Sorenson is the best character on the show in my opinion. His rise from a weak freshman who would never play to the lead quarterback who is artsy to boot. Surely this is my ideal husband so I have a bias, however, his character is the strongest, without a doubt. His relationship with his aging grandfather is heartfelt and believable.


Lastly, the relationship between the characters Landry and Tyra is the real pull for the show. It’s a complicated relationship, without a doubt. There is the “best friend… yet more” factor. Tyra has consistently taken all she can from Landry and lately he’s been standing his ground and letting her know that she uses him for things she needs (i.e. SAT help, car troubles, you get the drift). After having stood his ground, Tyra realized he’s the man she’s been looking for all along. The past few episodes has been the “awkward transition phase” from friendship to more. STAY TUNED.


… All I have to say is this. I would suggest you purchase the episodes for 99 cents on On Demand. If you want to argue that it’s not worth the 99 cents, I will refute your argument and ask you just how much your drink tab at the bar totaled up last Friday night? Many…. many…. great episodes of FNL could have been watched instead.

That’s all for now.

Mom, We’re Talking… You Know.

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I’ve come to realize that high school/college lingo is NOT universal, nor is it understood by most people over the age of 30. Recently, my mom asked my 18 year old brother about the girl who would stop by often. His reply: ” We talk.” In lamens terms, that means “We are romantically involved without any strings attached Mom.” But that got me thinking…

What are the stages of relationships in college? Do I see men holding doors for girls on the way to romantic dinners? Hmmm, no. College mainly consists of the drunken (yet confident) texts back and forth to people you’re interested in. If you like someone more than the others, you may put in a bit more effort. That may include perhaps texting them at a reasonable hour prior to going out, let’s say, 8PM? If you really like the person, you may even … eventually…. bring them out with your friends. That’s pretty much like meeting the parents. If it’s a no-go with the friends? You won’t even be receiving the 1AM text messages.


So what does “talking mean” again I ask myself. In my book I would tell my mom I have been talking to many people but never dating. I would allow that to encompass all drunken mistakes, regrets, and things that I wish worked out but didn’t.

The decision to be in a fully committed relationship in college is “commendable” to both men and women who take the plunge. I would caution those who wish to do such an “unthinkable college move” to think before proceeding forward. College relationships require flexibility…. flexibility like that of a gymnast. You have Spring Break, Winter Break, Summer Break, President’s Day Weekend, Study Abroad, and finally… graduation. So in reality, when are you really even together at the same place at the same time? 

My best advice is to find someone you enjoy being around, make sure that person feels the same, and keep them tucked in your closet until after you graduate. Unlike graduating without a job in this economy, this move will ensure you a guaranteed partner after college –perhaps one that will if you’re lucky open a door for you, eventually. 

The Twitter Whirlwind

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So I haven’t abandoned you completely WordPress, I promise. I am still a devotee. However, I have made a COUGH Twitter COUGH account. Yeah, I succumbed to the trend that is sweeping the nation at the moment. I am overwhelmed with Twitter to be quite honest. What does it offer me that Facebook or WordPress does not? I am still figuring out. I believe the answer would be as such:

Twitter consists of …. Facebook statuses you don’t find to important enough to post.  So for instance, let’s say I just had a GREAT Chocolate Chip and Banana Nut Muffin. I would like to SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. The issue is as such, not everyone I know, including most men I am friends with — give two shits if I enjoyed my muffin or not. Hence why I never would post such a status on FB. The wonder that is “Tweeting” however, allows me to freely write 140 characters or less about ANYTHING I desire at any point of the day. The phrase, “Is that even relevant?” does not exist in the Twitter Universe. People “tweet” about shoes… about erasers… about any freakin’ thing that comes to mind.


At first I thought that it was a useless website, mainly for people who want everyone to know what they’re thinking at all times. That was, until, I heard Susan Boyle — the singing sensation from the Britain’s American Idol.


When I say, at the moment, 21 MILLION PEOPLE have viewed this ONE VERSION of the performance? I am not kidding. Never in my life have I seen something spread so fast — it put all Y2K scares and Dancing Babies to shame. This “never been kissed” (and unemployed to add insult to injury) woman not only won over the judges? But 21 MILLION PEOPLE around the world. Through “tweets” about this woman, she was brought to SUPER STARDOM.

So my opinions as you can tell about Twitter have changed drastically over the course of the past month. Do I now follow on the bandwagon? I suppose. I may tweet every few hours…. or few minutes… or few seconds. But hey, whose counting.

Can I Have Your Autograph? My New Chef Obsession

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So during my last trip to Miami, I mentioned to you guys my great experience dining at Michy’s, Michelle Bernstein’s restaurant. Well, what I did NOT tell you was that while I was enjoying my dinner I was asked if I wished to purchase her cookbook. The OBVIOUS answer was, “heck yes”. I also figured Iwould have Jose, our busboy, fetch me a copy in the back and put the “add on” to our check at the end. When Michelle AND her husband came out to meet and greet me? I was very impressed to say the least. Unpretentious, quick witted, and brilliant are the three words that come to mind to describe Michelle. She’s a brilliant cook but not such a great PR person. When I grilled her on who does her PR she merely cocked her head and said, “Myself?” She offered me a job working for her friends at the Mandarin Oriental, but to be honest, I’d be just ask content working as her foodie slave helping her become her own “Food Empire“.

The cookbook, Cuisine A Latina has WONDERFUL recipes — some of which include Arroz Con Pollo (my personal favorite) and a great Greek Salad. I thought I’d find a recipe in the book you guys may like — a Sugarcane Skewered Shrimp with Chile-Cilantro Rub Recipe.


Plug in the link below to download her printable recipe card for this dish.


I would also like to add that by creating this post I’d HOPING Michelle comes across it (or perhaps her husband) and realizes my potential as a GREAT (and free) PR person and hires me after graduation. Hey, we can all dream right?