The Twitter Whirlwind

In Uncategorized on April 18, 2009 at 1:07 am

So I haven’t abandoned you completely WordPress, I promise. I am still a devotee. However, I have made a COUGH Twitter COUGH account. Yeah, I succumbed to the trend that is sweeping the nation at the moment. I am overwhelmed with Twitter to be quite honest. What does it offer me that Facebook or WordPress does not? I am still figuring out. I believe the answer would be as such:

Twitter consists of …. Facebook statuses you don’t find to important enough to post.  So for instance, let’s say I just had a GREAT Chocolate Chip and Banana Nut Muffin. I would like to SCREAM IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS. The issue is as such, not everyone I know, including most men I am friends with — give two shits if I enjoyed my muffin or not. Hence why I never would post such a status on FB. The wonder that is “Tweeting” however, allows me to freely write 140 characters or less about ANYTHING I desire at any point of the day. The phrase, “Is that even relevant?” does not exist in the Twitter Universe. People “tweet” about shoes… about erasers… about any freakin’ thing that comes to mind.


At first I thought that it was a useless website, mainly for people who want everyone to know what they’re thinking at all times. That was, until, I heard Susan Boyle — the singing sensation from the Britain’s American Idol.


When I say, at the moment, 21 MILLION PEOPLE have viewed this ONE VERSION of the performance? I am not kidding. Never in my life have I seen something spread so fast — it put all Y2K scares and Dancing Babies to shame. This “never been kissed” (and unemployed to add insult to injury) woman not only won over the judges? But 21 MILLION PEOPLE around the world. Through “tweets” about this woman, she was brought to SUPER STARDOM.

So my opinions as you can tell about Twitter have changed drastically over the course of the past month. Do I now follow on the bandwagon? I suppose. I may tweet every few hours…. or few minutes… or few seconds. But hey, whose counting.


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