Mom, We’re Talking… You Know.

In Uncategorized on April 20, 2009 at 1:52 pm

I’ve come to realize that high school/college lingo is NOT universal, nor is it understood by most people over the age of 30. Recently, my mom asked my 18 year old brother about the girl who would stop by often. His reply: ” We talk.” In lamens terms, that means “We are romantically involved without any strings attached Mom.” But that got me thinking…

What are the stages of relationships in college? Do I see men holding doors for girls on the way to romantic dinners? Hmmm, no. College mainly consists of the drunken (yet confident) texts back and forth to people you’re interested in. If you like someone more than the others, you may put in a bit more effort. That may include perhaps texting them at a reasonable hour prior to going out, let’s say, 8PM? If you really like the person, you may even … eventually…. bring them out with your friends. That’s pretty much like meeting the parents. If it’s a no-go with the friends? You won’t even be receiving the 1AM text messages.


So what does “talking mean” again I ask myself. In my book I would tell my mom I have been talking to many people but never dating. I would allow that to encompass all drunken mistakes, regrets, and things that I wish worked out but didn’t.

The decision to be in a fully committed relationship in college is “commendable” to both men and women who take the plunge. I would caution those who wish to do such an “unthinkable college move” to think before proceeding forward. College relationships require flexibility…. flexibility like that of a gymnast. You have Spring Break, Winter Break, Summer Break, President’s Day Weekend, Study Abroad, and finally… graduation. So in reality, when are you really even together at the same place at the same time? 

My best advice is to find someone you enjoy being around, make sure that person feels the same, and keep them tucked in your closet until after you graduate. Unlike graduating without a job in this economy, this move will ensure you a guaranteed partner after college –perhaps one that will if you’re lucky open a door for you, eventually. 


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