Friday Night Lights- While I’m Never Home on Friday nights….

In Uncategorized on April 22, 2009 at 8:23 pm

I have become OBSSESED. Obsessed may be a bit of an understatement actually. I am IN LOVE with Friday Night Lights. As my mom says, “Tayl, you’re way behind the bandwagon”, which I’m ok with. The show, which I would have never expected to enjoy, has become my very guilty (yet not secret) pleasure.

Here are the reasons I never tuned in originally:

1) It’s based around a high school football team in Texas- let’s be serious here. I know NOTHING about sports, more specifically, the art of tackling men to the ground. I also, am not familiar nor have I ever visited Texas. Three things come to mind when I think of Texas – Big Macs, sweat, and cowboy hats. NO thanks.

2) It is on FRIDAY NIGHTS. Again I say, let’s be serious here guys. What 21 (cough 20) year old college student is early waiting by their television with popcorn in hand on FRIDAY NIGHT? No one. Or at least, no one I have ever been introduced to thus far in my college career.

THROUGH IT ALL, however, I managed to browse through my On Demand options two months back and decided to purchase an episode to see what I thought about it — it’s been love ever since. I will try to keep this brief, while I can’t make any promises. Here are the highlights of the show:


Need I say more? Taylor Kitsch, Tim Riggins on the show, is a great actor. Yes he’s not bad to look at too but his character is strong, unpretentious, and loving. His relationship with Lyla Garrety isn’t too convincing but he does a great job being the one who has always been over looked.


REASON TWO- Zach Gilford, who plays Matt Sorenson is the best character on the show in my opinion. His rise from a weak freshman who would never play to the lead quarterback who is artsy to boot. Surely this is my ideal husband so I have a bias, however, his character is the strongest, without a doubt. His relationship with his aging grandfather is heartfelt and believable.


Lastly, the relationship between the characters Landry and Tyra is the real pull for the show. It’s a complicated relationship, without a doubt. There is the “best friend… yet more” factor. Tyra has consistently taken all she can from Landry and lately he’s been standing his ground and letting her know that she uses him for things she needs (i.e. SAT help, car troubles, you get the drift). After having stood his ground, Tyra realized he’s the man she’s been looking for all along. The past few episodes has been the “awkward transition phase” from friendship to more. STAY TUNED.


… All I have to say is this. I would suggest you purchase the episodes for 99 cents on On Demand. If you want to argue that it’s not worth the 99 cents, I will refute your argument and ask you just how much your drink tab at the bar totaled up last Friday night? Many…. many…. great episodes of FNL could have been watched instead.

That’s all for now.


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