What If I Wasn’t Invited? The Problem with Facebook

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2009 at 9:54 pm

While home during Winter Break my dad (a past BU med school nerd) asked me a question about the social networking phenomenon that IS Facebook. He asked, “Tayl, what if I spend my Friday and Saturday nights looking at pictures of other people having fun at bars and parties?” My response was something such as “Well why the hell weren’t you there with them!?” From the flushed cheeks I got the message loud and clear — he wasn’t invited.

I’m a social butterfly to say the least. I rarely am NOT seen out at the social bars, parties, so on and so forth. So it’s very hard for me to imagine people like my dad perhaps, who weren’t in “that crowd” in college. This is the dilemma with the event invitation application and photos on Facebook. Those LIKE Scotty Foxman feel completely left out. Had I realized the major kink in the FB social world before I may have thought twice about perhaps…. creating party invites on it and or posting “wild and crazy pictures”. 


Well, recently, I MYSELF was not invited to one 21st birthday party. I was a bit taken a back to say the least. I also, shortly thereafter, saw images from the party of the “wild and crazy times” they were having without me — unfathomable! Long story short, I realize NOW that Facebook is a great networking tool yet it can also be VERY upsetting for those who perhaps aren’t as “socially adept” as others. Or perhaps, are med students, stuck for seven years on a floor together unable to venture too far outside of the rooms with Cadavers?


My suggestion is this…. Put yourself in my dad’s shoes and think before you post. Like a “THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK” sign on the highway. Or even better “PROCEED WITH CAUTION”. I do think that FB is a great (ECO COUGH FRIENDLY COUGH) way of sending out invitations for the masses, however, it can also be hurtful if perhaps a certain someone didn’t make the “cut”. This is why I suggest you spending the 40 dollars and producing nice, paper ones. This way, the ones who are invited feel special and the ones that weren’t most likely will never know about it….. Until the pictures are posted at least. And so the never ending cycle continues!


  1. Or perhaps there are those of us who enjoy looking through facebook photos, laughing at drunken doofuses and lines like “girlz, don’t forget your fakes LOL!” in our spare time. Some people aren’t social butterflies and don’t give a shit.

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