…. Are Fanny Packs Still Made? My Questions for Napa Valley

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So, I’m back in the Old South Jersey, sitting on my bedroom floor reminiscing about my recent trip to the lovely Wine Country.  I will say this much, Napa is breath taking. The scenery is out of this world, as are the endless amounts of wineries. The drive through the town as well as the bordering towns such as Yountsville and Sonoma are just as impressive. Hundreds of rolling hills, grapevines, and sunlight. Who could ask for more?


While sitting on a very long plane ride last night a question hit me. Why don’t San Francisco residents have second homes in Napa? Think about it…. All well-to-do NYC residents have houses in the Hamptons, all Bostonians have places in the Cape/ Nantucket. Why is it that people who live in either LA or SF don’t have second homes in this breathtaking, serene town? I think I figured out the reasoning after having spent just four short days there. The tourists.


While going to countless wineries, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of culture/style the tourists who were visiting the vineyards had. I am not snooty by any means, but I would say out of a handful of 10 “fellow wine tasters”, at least 8 were featuring the oh-so-attractive Fanny Packs and or were severly over weight. The outfits matched their looks as well; many belly exposing midrifs were found, along side “pedal pushers” which were outdated before they even became fashionable.


You would think in a town such as Napa the clientele for the wineries would match the classy feel of the vineyards/ town as a whole. That’s CLEARLY not the case. I over heard many many people saying how they weren’t willing to pay “10 dollars a head” for a wine tasting. No offense, but going INTO a winery you should know the minimum they will ask for a wine tasting consisting of four (sometimes even three) wines is ten dollars. Come on now!

In addition to the odd tourists, I was so surprised at the LACK of nightlife. Literally, the town shuts down its big bulbs come 9 o clock. No I’m not kidding. The only “bar” if you could even call it that, called Downtown Joe’s, is open late. The scene at Joe’s’ on a Saturday night is straight out of Superbad so it seems. The most diverse group of bar goers can be found in this hole in the wall restaurant that’s converted into a “bar” at night. Me and my mom were surrounded by ALL walks of life:

SoCal Army men up to Napa for a “good time” – aka on the prowl for drunk women who went wine tasting all day

Drunk 60+ year old couples who somehow managed to stay up past 9 o clock even after the day full of wine tastings

– The group of attractive SF girls in Napa for a Bachelorette Party who realize they are “too hot” for such a dive bar

– Then there were the townies, one of which was 24 and tried to take both me AND my mother home, that was amusing

– Finally, there was us. The two dressed to go out for a nice night “out on the town” only to find out… Joe’s was our only option

So in conclusion, Napa I ask you this: Why do you have such an ecclectic group of toursits? Why do you have no night life? And why for the love of GOD are fanny packs still produced?

  1. OMG!! I am laughing soooo hard. Boy is this right on. I love the “reviews” too, also spot on.

  2. There is a nightlife in Napa, but you’re a tourist and we don’t want tourists polluting our fun. Sending tourists to Downtown Joe’s is like babysitting the kids with an episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants. Gets them out of your hair for a while. The slop tourists drink at the wineries is vineyard grog, the REAL wine comes out at the nightly gatherings at winemaker’s homes. Invitation only. Next time, tell the person pouring your tasting wine that you’ll buy dinner if they agree to show you around after dark.

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