The Hess Collection Winery

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I have been to a few really unbelievable wineries but nothing can compare to the Hess Collection. For starters, my mother and I picked Hess for its unique combination of both artwork and wine tasting.

Donald Hess, the owner and creator of the vineyard, aimed to display an entire art exhibiton alongside the countless rooms of wine barrells and tasting areas. While the vineyard itself was literally a four mile drive up a spiral street with NO side railings, it was definitely worth the drive. I don’t think that the exterior of the building was anything out of the orindary however what was featured inside most certaintly was.


The three story building featured some extremely notable artists while others were a bit less well known but just as skilled. Two of the coolest pieces in my opinion were created by the artists Franz Gertsch and Leopoldo Maler.

v-hess-work395_1Johanna II – Gertsch


Hommage, 1974- Maler

Johanna II was one of the most remarkable pieces I have ever seen in person. The massive painting looks more like a photograph than I have ever seen before. The incredibly fine details such as the wisps of hair and the peach fuzz on her face make it almost impossible to believe it was a painting. A cool fact about the piece is that if you look at it from the right, it looks like she is very solemn/serious, however, when you view it from the left it looks as though she is crying. Very very spooky and worth seeing in person.

 Hommage was just as shocking of a piece. This installation piece featured an old typewriter with actual flames bursting from the keys. It was symbolic of his uncle’s death as a result of his association with political activism and journalism.

All in all it is quite the vineyard/ art gallery. We even made some friends along the way:




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