True Blood- Season Two Premiere

In Uncategorized on June 15, 2009 at 2:32 pm

I will admit I tend to get a little turned off when things that I enjoy become popular. For example, cough, my interest in the Stephanie Meyer books over a year ago. I wrote a blog expressing my strange interest in the tween vampire books. Shortly thereafter, every other 15 year old did too and the phenomenon began. My interest in the premiere of the show True Blood prompted me to write a blog about it. I was intruiged by the dark and twisted opening, as well as the racy human/vampire sex scenes. After the show took off, however, I became less interested in tuning in.



The second season premiere was one I knew I had to watch though. As I expected, I was shocked/grossed out/begging for more by the end of the episode last night. It was racy, vulgur, and gruesome all at once.

Sookie’s character’s never been my favorite — she’s somewhat of a weak actress (Pacquin) but she does bring a sense of naivety and beauty. Although Pacquin’s a beautiful actress, I wish the casting director would for once place her in a new waitressing outfit. Maybe she should switch careers so that her attire would change too?


I loved, and still do love Jason (Stackhouse) the most. His physique which is showed off countless times per episode is probably the main drawl to his character. He’s rarely shown with a shirt on, and I can’t say I mind. His acting is extremely believable too — I wonder where he’s going with this religious zealot personality he’s developed.


While I think I enjoyed Season One more, I am looking forward to seeing just how racy this season will be. I am already immune to graveyard, vampire, bloody, sex scenes — is that a bad thing?

  1. I know, I read Twilight long ago, and suddenly everyone here in Norway knows about it. Really frustrating, ’cause there’s a lot of people saying how much they LOVE Twilight, but when I ask them what they think about Breaking Dawn, they look confused and says something like “Books? What? READ? NO WAY!”. Jeez.
    When it comes to True Blood, I actually got to start seeing the first season of the series yesterday, and I continued today. I really love it. Stephen Moyer as Bill is my favorite, though, he is so handsome, in a mysterious and creepy way.

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