Lady Gaga or Lady Cuckoo? You Decide

In Uncategorized on June 17, 2009 at 5:11 pm

Here’s the thing. Everyone who currently lives in the US knows who Lady Gaga is by this point, I’m sure of it. For some reason though I still can’t decide exactly what my opinions are on the singer.

I thought she was a foreigner up until a week ago when I was told she graduated from Tisch School of Performing Arts at NYU.  That changed everything for me — I saw her as being some Swedish import that made it big over seas. Perhaps an American music manager heard her record and flew her to the US to test her hits out on American turf. When I was told she graduated from NYU the intruige somewhat faded — ok great, you graduated from Tisch. As did everyone else in my high school who performed in the musicals. I just think it was a big letdown.


In regards to her music? Catchy. Poppy. Lucrative. She knows what works for her audience so I will give her credit for that. I unfortunately am stuck having to blast her jams in the car when I’m riding with my girlfriends to the bars. Her songs are very repetitive and very easy to memorize — aka, money makers. I wonder why she doesn’t break out of her comfort zone and dabble in more musically complicated/ challenging songs? Hmmm… I think I know the reason. $$$$$$


Then, there’s her style.  That seems to be the biggest question mark in my book. Is she aiming to be the next Madonna or the next Angelina Jolie? I realize she is inspired by her quote on quote surroundings but I think some of the outfits she chooses to wear are just down right ridiculous. Yes, Lady Gaga I understand you liked to play with orgami when you were a child– however, that does give you the right to then go ahead and wear actual pieces of orgami on your dress.



So, in a nutshell I can’t figure out what exactly my take is on Lady Gaga, I don’t think she’s half bad but at the same time I don’t think I necessarily like her either. Maybe if she did something shocking perhaps, like write a song about going to “Rehab” (cough Amy Winehouse cough) and then became a severly addicted drug abuser I would be more inclined to lean more favorably towards her. Hm.

  1. I think I would like her better if her originality was more original than it is.

  2. She did not graduate from Tisch. She dropped out. It’s doubtful that everyone at your high school who did musicals graduated from Tisch. The acceptance rate there is less than 10%.

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