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Entourage Commentary: Week 3

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I have a few comments…. and I have a few questions regarding last nights episode of Entourage.

Here are my comments:

1) Ashley and E– I don’t understand why he’s wasting a cup of French Roast Coffee over this little 12 year old. She looks as though she was just taken out of the Russian Ballet or smuggled into the US as an underage housewife.  In addition to the fact that I despise her, I want him with Sloane…. like, who doesn’t really? The whole E situation is making me very sad. Things better change soon- how many more coffee makers can one girl ruin per season before she’s given the boot? Come on now.


2) Turtle’s Big Moves– While I didn’t see this whole “back to school” concept formulating, I think it could be very interesting if all of a sudden he somehow comes up with an innovative business plan and hits it big. Then, Vince, whose used to all of the spotlight may be a bit intimidating/overwhelmed. Jamie Lynn I must add is a horrible actress on this show, I can’t figure out if this is part of her character or her…. just sucking.


3) Lloyd and Ari- I have faith that Lloyd will get the promotion he deserves. While some of the things Ari has been making him do are outlandish (i.e. call everyone including Turtle by their formal name and remember each and every line of new scripts) I think Ari’s making a point. One of the best lines of the episode was definitely when he told Turtle that it takes the drive and determination that someone like Lloyd has, to get ahead. It can’t be handed over to you when the stroke of a pen.


Trader Joe’s- Products I Can’t Stop Eating

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I’ve always had an adoration for Trader Joe’s… when living in SF I would frequent the grocery store at least once or twice a week. Until I had a car here in Boston, I didn’t really have the energy to lug my lazy ass all the way to Coolidge Corner. That would entail public transportation and lugging of bags, no thank you. Since having my car, however, I’m back to my old ways. I can’t get enough.

While I love most of their products there are a few stand outs I thought I’d share with all of you:

1) Greek Honey Yogurt- So unfortunately dairy products and I don’t ever really see eye-to-eye, however, I’ve always been OK with Greek yogurt, for whatever the reason may be. LUCKY for me, because I am in love with all variations of this type of yogurt, specifically Honey. TJ does a great job with this product.

2838tjgreekyogurt2) Salsa- all of sorts- I’m a sucker for Salsa, mainly because I incorporate it in part of my daily routine. I think that they offer the generic types such as Authentic Regular Salsa as well as Salsa Verde. But they also offer innovative, inexpensive new types such as the Corn & Chile Salsa which is delicious. salsas

3) Uncured Turkey Bacon- Ok, so maybe I wish I could eat a BLT every now and again, but whatever I’m over it. I NEVER buy Turkey Bacon, primarily because I think of it as the Merit Roller as opposed to the Honor’s List of bacon’s. I think regular crispy bacon is incomparable. This type however blew me away, it takes two minutes to microwave and is surprisingly low in fat and high in flavor.


4) Frozen Vegetable Pizzas- I never succumb to buying Wolfgang’s Frozen Pizza’s no matter how good they look- I don’t know.. there’s something oddly unnatural about freezer pizzas in my book. Maybe it stems from my days as a child of popping Ellio’s in the oven for my mid-day snacks. Regardless, this pizza tastes like it came right out of the oven. I loved this pizza when I was in SF 3 years ago and still love it.


5) THE WINNER: Soy Creamy Vanilla Organic Ice Cream- Have I ever bought anything with soy and or organic on the label? Absolutely not. This was actually an accident I didn’t realize what I had picked up but let me tell you this much… I swear on my life this is THE best ice cream I’ve ever had. I can’t explain why…. it’s creamy, filling, and unbelievably rich. Inexpensive to boot. If you EVER make your way to Trader Joes, I beg of you to buy one carton, if you don’t like it… come after me with flamed torches.


My Pet Peeves

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I’m sorry I’m an asshole I know but please… I beg of you… when wearing leggings and or shorts, either don’t wear any undies or wear ones that aren’t visible. No one wants to see your granny panties. I can promise you this. Also, it seems to be that the people who are the most frequent victims of this panty disaster are people you REALLY don’t want to be seeing in tight clothing to begin with.



Think about it. No one wants to STILL be at work at 4 through 6, no one is socially allowed to be getting drunk between those hours, and unless you’re in a retirement home.. you don’t eat dinner between those hours. Therefore, THEY SUCK.


3) TATTOOS WITH NO RELEVANCE- I’m from The Dirty Jersey so I can say with confidence I’ve seen my fair share of tattooes. I think if there’s some purpose for getting one i.e. your way of showing appreciation for your Veteran Grandfather, OK, I will take that. You writing your name in various languages on my behind? No. I’m not down. I think there’s a large array of tacky tatts that should be abolished all together. Here are a few of my faves:

Chinese symbols for “strength” “power” “balance” –> you’re most likely not able to read Chinese other than when you Googled how to translate “power” into Chinese. AKA you’re not entitled to get these tattooes

Your initials. No offense, but if you don’t know your own initials by 18 that’s a big big issue.

BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND names... need I say more? If you’re dumb enough to tattoo their name of your body permanently, stay faithful. That’s all I have to say about the matter

Stupid ass butterflies — in reality, none of us can relate to butterflies because we don’t know what they’re thinking and no one is clearly related to these creatures so there’s no reason why it should stamped on your ass.

5) WHISPERING- I don’t like libraries, secrets, or dirty talk hence why I don’t like anything having to do with whispering. I think perhaps it’s because I’m a loud creature, or perhaps because I don’t like the actual sound of people whispering near me. Whenever I’m on a plane with my mom and she wants to be mindful of others, she’ll start whispering. I will then lash out on her and say in a high pitch tone, ‘LISTEN WE’RE PAYING TOO FOR THE FLIGHT SO SPEAK UP SISTER!’


Entourage- My Predictions for the Season

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So, I have a sick obsession with Entourage. I can’t really relate to any of the characters, nor do I know anyone really who I can pin point acts like them either. But something around the show sucks me in every time. Do I wish at times it were longer than 27 minutes? Absolutely, but I do thing that it’s part of the appeal. If it were longer & perhaps more dragged out, people wouldn’t be as wildly anticipating the next episode to come.

I like what I’ve seen so far on the new season and with that in mind, I’ve come up with my few predictions for I expect to happen.

1) Ari & Mrs. Ari-  This is my concern — I really don’t think Mrs. Ari will stand for much more of Ari’s behavior. As humorous as their relationship is, I don’t think she enjoys being cast as second fiddle to him anymore. While she turned away from yet another career of her own, I just think there’s a large possibility something drastic will change in regards to the dymanic of their relationship this season.03

2) Sloane and E- I can’t decide what I think will happen between these two. I WANT for them to get back together, but only when E realizes just how much of a catch she really is. He sucked as a boyfriend the 1st time around, but now that she sees her independence and “cool factor” I’m hoping he’ll do what it takes to get her back. Oh and end relationships with the little gold diggers. eric01

3) Jamie Lynn and Turtle- L.O.V.E this relationship most. It may be the fact that the “literal/metaphorical turtle” is winning the race? Or maybe the AWESOMENESS that it is their actual off-screen relationship. While I don’t think JLS is the best actress, they are so adorable together and for once Turtle is stealing the spotlight and getting the attention he deserves.


4) Lloyd and Ari– He is at his wits end with Ari, and while he’s doing what it takes to get the big promotion of his dreams I think something is going to change with that situation as well. Perhaps, his rival firm is going to offer him more money per year or maybe he will marry a rich and wealthy man and won’t need to work? The possibilites of where this could go are endless– all I do know is that Lloyd won’t be putting up with this for much longer. If you haven’t seen his blog yet, I suggest you do so immediately. It’s hillarious: http://www.hbo.com/entourage/lloyd/


Here are a few smaller, less important things I see happening as well:

A) Vince won’t be settling down any time soon, nor will his real life acting abilities improve… but who really watches the show for him anyway?

B) Drama won’t be finding a steady job or romance in the near future. I think his ability to protect his little brother and bang random girls are his fortes. He should, however, ditch the muscle tees and pedophile mustache– they just aren’t doing it for me.

Power Bar- One Name, So Many Options

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I usually despise the thought of missing a meal and grabbing a “bar on the go“, but sometimes, you just really don’t have the actual time in the day to sit your ass down! With that in mind, every so often I buy a power bar on my morning run to the convenience store. I grudgingly pick up the first one that sounds appealing– sometimes I’m oddly impressed, other times I want to feed it to my pugs. I’m here to help all of you decide which bar to grab while you’re in a hurry…

Power Bar- The original, the father of all “power bars”. I would say 90% of people I know despise this specific bar– they think it looks and tastes like mush. I don’t care for the consistency of the sticky gooey bar either, however, it’s low in fat and rather tasty (depending on the flavor you choose –> I suggest the Cookies n’ Cream, Vanilla Crisp, and Peanut Butter) B


Luna- See, I’m really not a fan of fruit flavored bars so most of the bars that Luna prides itself on i.e. Lemon Zest, I won’t even bother to try out. I don’t MIND the S’mores and Nuts Over Chocolate, but they really weren’t doing it for me. C+


Go Lean- Yeah, no. These bars taste like Gerbil food…. ew god. I had Peanut Butter and Chocolate yesterday and spit it out. Like… let’s be serious here for a minute. How can you mess up CHOCOLATE AND PEANUT BUTTER? Unless you try really really hard. I don’t suggest these bars. C-


Balance- Balance bars have been a staple of my diet for over 10 years now. Why you may ask? I ran and danced throughout my childhood/teenage years. AKA Balance bars were my carb loading bar of choice prior to a big race — or dance rehearsal. I think Carmel Nut Blast is one of my favorites. I don’t think they’re large enough but hey, if you’re not satisfied after one- have another! It’s a power bar — it’s “nutritious” right? B+


South Beach Diet- So I refused to eat any “diet” bars prior to SB Bars, and I’m telling you honestly? It’s my favorite power bar if you will, hands down. It’s a large bar, extremely satisfying, and full of flavor and texture. I was so surprised only because bars that are “weight watchers” i.e. Pria Bars for instance and VERY small and not flavorful. So it was a huge surprise that this bar was not only tasty but lower in fat and full of crunch! I suggest the Peanut Butter Chocolate bar. A


Odwalla- No no no no. I don’t like Odwalla to begin with. Ok, come after me with flamed torches I know but I just do not like their products. My mother was one of the founders of Naked Juice in LA back in the day so maybe I’m a bit bias but I just don’t like their products. I thought however I’d give their bars a shot– bad bad idea. I don’t like any of the flavors I’ve tried thus far. Maybe at some point I’ll change my mind, but at the moment I’m still on Team Naked Juice. C-


… The BEST Salad Recipe Ever

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Closet Cooking Blog is my current bible. I love each and every dish he concocts– finally I told myself to try some of his dishes. I picked his Warm Mushroom and Teryaki Salad as an appetizer and then a Shrimp Feta Tomato Bake. I LOVED the salad and really disliked the Shrimp Bake– eh, you win some you lose some.

What You’ll Need:

– Salad mix (I suggest Spinach but Romaine and Mesculin work fine)

– 1 cucumber sliced

– 1 Roma tomato sliced

– 1 Tbl of butter/margarine

– Teryaki sauce (I suggest Soy Vay)

– 10-15 sliced mushrooms- i.e. Crimini, Shittake

– 3 tbl of crumbled fresh goat cheese


I first cut up some tomatoes, cucumbers, and tossed it together with spring mix salad in a large bowl. In a small frying pan I sauteed the mushrooms in a tablespoon of butter. I let the butter, salt, and pepper soak in and then added about half a cup of Soy Vay Teryaki sauce into the pan. I stirred it around occasionally and allowed the sauce to thicken.


Finally, after about 5 minutes, I topped the warm mushrooms with the Teryaki sauce over the salad and then garnished the salad with warm goat cheese. It’s a 5 minute recipe but literally one of the most amazing salads ever. Try it for yourself!


Zaftig’s Deli- Oy, So Good!

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So my best friend Hadassa has been up my ass to try this Jewish Deli with her for months now. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Jewish Deli’s from my child hood are overweight waitresses in shirts far too small asking what size “Balls” I want (Matzoh balls that is of course). While I remember days my father would salivate over Roast Beef Sandwiches from the deli, I never had any really memorable experiences myself. With that in mind, I took her up on the brunch offer and boy am I happy I did. From the extensive menu, to the location in Coolidge Corner — I really loved all aspects of my experience at Zaftig’s Deli in Brookline. 

zaftigs logo

In terms of what I ordered — you will all be very bored. Surprisingly, while I order the most esoteric dishes for lunch and dinner to write and review about, I rarely stray away from my breakfast pick whether it be at home in my own kitchen or at a restaurant. I created my own Omelette with Feta, Spinach, Mushrooms. I also ordered whole wheat toast with a side of Lox, of course.  Hadassa ordered the Buttermilk Pancakes with fresh bananas on top (accompanied by a delicious strawberry butter to drizzle on top of the pancakes). 

bananabuttermilkpancakes-1 One of the coolest part of the dining experience was definitely the complimentary Cinnamon bagel chips with a delicious butter that they served us while we waited for our meals. 

bagelchip0207-1Overall I totally suggest coming here, great service, great food, and a wonderful menu. The next few things I can’t wait to try include:

– San Francisco Joe’s Special
House made ground turkey hash, mushrooms, onions, spinach and egg, topped with grated asiago

– Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon
Served with dill lime sour cream

– Banana stuffed French Toast $9.95
In a bourbon-vanilla batter with date butter and berries


Zaftig’s Deli


335 Harvard Street, Brookline, MA 02246

(617) 975- 0075


The Not-So-Hidden Gem of Boston- The Beehive

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It’s very rare I walk out of a restaurant and think to myself, “Wow I cannot WAIT to go back again… soon.” From the moment I pulled my car into Valet to the time I drove off after dinner, I was unbelievably impressed with Beehive. Everything from the incredible food to the ambiance, music, prices, and staff. I truly had an amazing dining experience. You are all aware at this point just how often I dine out so coming from me, that’s a BOLD statement.


I will say this much– from the moment I walked through the red velvet drapes and walked down the dimly lit stairs… I was entraced to say the least. I walked downstairs to find an array of people standing up conversing, musicians playing soft music in the corner, and couples enjoying romantic dinners. After the initial shock at the wide array of people, conversations, and situations going on, I finally took a look at the amazing menu.


I ordered the Lobster Gazpacho to start. It was a large and filling appetizer for a very reasonable price. It was garnished with tortilla strips and full of fresh, cold chunks of Lobster. It was out of this world. My friend Katie had the Mussels with Lager, Tomatoes, and Old Bay — there were enough for us to share/ pass around the table. Those too were delicious.

For dinner, I had a tough time deciding what to pick. I ended up choosing the Local Sea Scallops with English Peas, Asapagus, and Papardelle Pasta— it was tasty, light and airy, and totally satisfying … all at once. For $22 dollars you really couldn’t go wrong. Lena had the Risotto with Roasted Vegetables and Scallions which was probably the best risotto I’ve tasted in a while.

For dessert we all split a Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble with Warm Vanilla Ice Cream. We all agreed we would be content to have that dessert every night for the rest of our lives.

Alongside the great food, we truly loved socializing with tables next to us and listening to the music (which by the way changes daily — schedules can be found on their website for the Upcoming Bands for the week at www.beehiveboston.com). All in all I suggest you visit Beehive, very soon.


541 Tremont Street

(617) 423-0069


Blogs That Make Me Drool

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I really do spend the majority of my day researching/ drooling over food blogs… which I don’t mind whatsoever. I could think of many worse things such as stapling papers, shredding documents, and making coffee. Trust me, no one wants me to be making coffee- I mess up the most elementary cooking techniques yet I am able to pull off esoteric dishes at the drop of a hat. Weird. Anyway, after having spent the last year (before my internship even began, I spent an inordinate amount of time on food sites) I am now able to say I found a few that truly blow me away. 

1) Smitten Kitchen- http://www.smittenkitchen.com- Ok so I came upon this site over 3 months ago, so my adoration for the site just began recently. I will say, however, I rarely see as many followers for one site as I do on S.K. Every recipe posted receives around 150-200 comments. That is utter insanity. Even if the recipe is something as mundane as “Brioche rolls” there are usually 180 comments. Why you may ask? The unbelievable step by step photo photography. 


2) 101 Cookbooks- http://www.101cookbooks.com- I have loved this website for over a year now; this vegetarian recipe site is unreal- I wish some of the dishes for main courses would include poultry, fish, steak ANYTHING but clearly, unless she changes her opinions on animal cruelty and or her disposition against eating animals, I must choose recipes that consist mainly of beans, and lentils. I think her baked goods are the main draw to the website, but that’s just my opinion.


3) Serious Eats- http://www.seriouseats.com- Ok, so, if you’ve ever met me you know how much of a Serious Eater fan I am. I have been a daily reader of this food blog for way over 2 years now. It is nothing out of the ordinary, nor does it contain beautiful photographs or even recipes! Why you ask am I just a fan? I can’t really explain it. The site is primarily a compilation of food news, gossip, and clips from other bloggers/ food related websites. I think it’s the ability to get all of your foodie news on one site that makes me enjoy reading. I have asked them for internships/jobs/writing positions for 2 years now, unfortunately, they respond that Boston isn’t their headquarters and in order for me to sell my soul for free as their intern, I must find housing in NYC. No thanks.


4) Tastespotting- http://www.tastespotting.com- This site is very straight forward- they are an open forum based site that allows foodies, chefs, anyone who really likes to cook and photograph it to upload their gorgeous food pics onto their website. The site literally contains thousands upon thousands of images of amazing looking food. Ok so you may be asking what’s the point of this? It’s to “inspire” they claim. My interest in the websites a bit different, seeing as that I don’t cook good enough to even properly toast waffles let alone “re-create souffles” uploaded on their site. I love the feature of the site that allows you to click on the person’s personal blog after you view their photography. It opens your world in terms of up and coming food bloggers. I find new pages daily that I love. 


5) Closet Cooking- http://closetcooking.blogspot.com- If you were to click on the profile photo of the blog’s owner you would be so surprised. I would assume he was a librarian, perhaps a mechanical engineer that never really saw broad daylight. When you see the skill this guy has in cooking and the ability to photograph it- you will be blown away, I am certain. His recipes are so expansive and delicious I have no doubt this blog will blow up very soon.

Garlic Scape Pesto Pasta with Garlic Scape Bread 1 500

Michael Jackson- Why Only One White Glove?

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I do realize because of a) my adoration for Michael and b) nothing else has been covered on the news since June 25th, it is now time to finally blog about the situation. I don’t think this will be a typical fan response but it’s ok — I’ve always been a little bit different. These are my opinions on the tragic and sudden death of the late King of Pop:

A) I do believe he was involved in risky business with children. Why else would he have paid of 25 million dollars to one of the children’s families? To avoid further investigation — my point exactly. In addition, there has been shocking news of a “hidden room” found behind his clothing in his closet — accesible only to those with keys/locks? Is this serious? If so, I would like to know what exactly took place in this room. I believe that there is a lot we have to figure out still in regards to his pedophile title. I am hoping the child that was paid off comes out of the dark and speaks the truth.


B) I believe while the Michael Jackson Memorial yesterday was a massive, public relations/ press frenzy it was also somewhat tasteful all at the same time. I think the only part that really shook me up was when Paris, his daughter, started crying on the stage. I think all of us saw him as an entertainer, a child at heart, and perhaps a child molestor — not many thought of him as a father. Once we saw the despair and pain his daughter felt towards his death it almost changes your views on the man who we thought we knew well. On a lighter, funnier note, I would like to comment that Mariah Carey’s performance was laughable and down right horrendous. I was expecting Michael to rise from his grave and tell her to get the hell off of the stage. Mariah, just because you wave your hand up and down does not mean you are still as good of a singer as you were back in the 90’s. I’m sorry.



 C) His physical feature timeline freaks the shit out of me. To be frank. I think he looked best circa age 15? Sure he was self conscious about his skin but after Nose Job 1 he looked legitamately hot. By surgery number 10, however, he became a creature — not a man, oh no a creature that I can’t seem to identify.


D) His music and music videos will and forever have shaped our music world. Thriller, one of my old time favorite music videos was absolutely revolutionary. I tend to sit in my apartment, headphones on, in the pitch black watching the 13 minute video intensely. It was spooky, creepishly good, and captivating all at the same time. In addition to Thriller, some of his hits such as Dirty Diana, P.Y.T., and Billie Jean were songs I danced to for years in jazz, hip hop, and even modern dance classes.

In conclusion, do I think that it was a tragic death? Absolutely. Do I think he truly shaped every aspect of the music industry? Without a doubt. However, do I think his financial/sexual/legal situations are something to overlook?  Not whatsoever.

R.I.P. King of Pop- You will most definitely never be forgotten (for better or for worse)