Top 10 Movies I Can’t Get Enough Of

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Usually, I don’t tend to write about things I don’t to all too much about. Hence why you don’t see any politics and or sports related blogs on this website. I know a “fair” amount about current topics but not enough to put my two cents in. My brother,  on the other hand, checks the political blog Drudge Report as often as I’m on Serious Eats. Anywhoo,  I will say this much: I know movies. Perhaps, I’m not into the emo flicks or know the names of all of the “Indie film stars” but I do love and watch many great movies. With that in mind, I thought it would be appropriate to finally list off and explain my top 10 movie picks of all time.

#10- Raging Bull

I love DeNiro’s ability to portray pretty much any character he tries to play. The movie features blood, fighting, and far too much cursing but I can’t stop watching it whenever I click through the channels.

thumbnail.php#9- Slumdog Millionaire- This movie blew me away. I saw this grudgingly– seeing as that I tend to steer clear of hyped up movies. I have to admit however that this movie lived up to its expectations. The love triangle, the poverty, and the ability to turn your life around are just three of the many reasons I was glued to this phenomenal movie.


#8- Scream 3– You my ask why I didn’t include Screams 1 and 2, but in case you were wondering — it was purposeful. I love slasher films, yes, but I believe only two are truly worth listing in my top 10, Texas Chainsaw and Scream 3. Perhaps it was the psycho mother of Billy (played by that nobody on Rosanne) that spooked me out but something clearly made me uncomfortable — and I loved every minute of it.

scream3hm0#7- Sixteen Candles- I guess the reason I picked this one over Breakfast Club and the other 80’s classics was because we can all relate to the plot; a teen, full of angst, upset that her family members forgot her “most crucial” birthday. Hey, I walked into my house after having turned 21 this weekend in hopes of seeing balloons, circus folk, and towers of presents. I was instead welcomed by deflating balloons from my brother’s graduation party last weekend. Oh well.

sixteen_candles#6- Harry Potter- If you want to know whether or not I’m a Harry Fanatic, the answer is most definitely NO. While in London, over 10 years ago, I stumbled upon Harry Potter in the bookstore. I read the first one and was captivated by the entire plot, setting, and character developments. Once it hit the US however it became a fanatical obsession for most girls my age, hence why my interest slowly dissolved. The reason I’m including this in the list i because I want nothing more in life than to live in Hogwarts — really, I am willling to forgo the rest of my undergraduate education to reside in Hogwarts full-time. Something about the spookiness of the “hidden rooms”, the beautiful cafeteria, and the Quidditch games are all mesmorizing to me.

harry-potter2#5- Texas Chainsaw- Are there other more well known ‘classic horror movies’? Of course there are. Amd I will say I do like my fair share of the classics, i.e. Halloween, The Shining, so on and so forth. But, there’s something so dark and twisted about Texas Chainsaw. The setting is this rural Southern town full of people who partake in incest — they all cover for one other’s dark secrets, more specifically, the killer’s. I just think the whole idea of landing in a back wash town with no access to the outside world, oh and the fact that a man who enjoys sewing body parts of dead human’s to his face gives me chills every time.


#4- The Dark Knight– I tend to gravitate towards films with background controversy, like, Heath Ledger’s mysterious death for instance. The movie itself was interesting — some aspects such as Bale’s acting and Maggie Gyllenhal’s part I both believe were lacking. While, the special effects and well, Bale’s body were well worth sitting for 3 hours. In addition, I watch this movie over and over again to see Ledger’s “final performance”

the-dark-knight-1#3- Grease– I remember countless nights when I was a child, unable to sleep, passing time watching Grease. I loved the dancing, the hot pants, and of COURSE JOHN TRAVOLTA. Sigh. The music from this movie hasn’t been surpassed by many other movies since, in my opinion.

#2- Pulp Fiction– Find me a movie as deeply complex as Pulp Fiction, and I will beg to differ. This movie scared me, made me laugh, and most of all, made me want to re watch it time and time again. The Travolta/ Jackson duo couldn’t have been cast better. I think they balanced each other out; Jackson was more philosophical and religious whereas Travolta was quite the opposite. In addition, the scene in which they show the cocaine overdose totally freaked me out… I loved it.

6a00d83451be5969e200e54f4b10c18834-640wi#1- Dirty Dancing– I have way too much to say about this movie, so instead of listing off the reasons why I love it all I will tell you to do is this: IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN IT, GO RIGHT NOW TO BLOCKBUSTER. (Do people still go there?) Better yet, NETFLIX IT.



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