Michael Jackson- Why Only One White Glove?

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I do realize because of a) my adoration for Michael and b) nothing else has been covered on the news since June 25th, it is now time to finally blog about the situation. I don’t think this will be a typical fan response but it’s ok — I’ve always been a little bit different. These are my opinions on the tragic and sudden death of the late King of Pop:

A) I do believe he was involved in risky business with children. Why else would he have paid of 25 million dollars to one of the children’s families? To avoid further investigation — my point exactly. In addition, there has been shocking news of a “hidden room” found behind his clothing in his closet — accesible only to those with keys/locks? Is this serious? If so, I would like to know what exactly took place in this room. I believe that there is a lot we have to figure out still in regards to his pedophile title. I am hoping the child that was paid off comes out of the dark and speaks the truth.


B) I believe while the Michael Jackson Memorial yesterday was a massive, public relations/ press frenzy it was also somewhat tasteful all at the same time. I think the only part that really shook me up was when Paris, his daughter, started crying on the stage. I think all of us saw him as an entertainer, a child at heart, and perhaps a child molestor — not many thought of him as a father. Once we saw the despair and pain his daughter felt towards his death it almost changes your views on the man who we thought we knew well. On a lighter, funnier note, I would like to comment that Mariah Carey’s performance was laughable and down right horrendous. I was expecting Michael to rise from his grave and tell her to get the hell off of the stage. Mariah, just because you wave your hand up and down does not mean you are still as good of a singer as you were back in the 90’s. I’m sorry.



 C) His physical feature timeline freaks the shit out of me. To be frank. I think he looked best circa age 15? Sure he was self conscious about his skin but after Nose Job 1 he looked legitamately hot. By surgery number 10, however, he became a creature — not a man, oh no a creature that I can’t seem to identify.


D) His music and music videos will and forever have shaped our music world. Thriller, one of my old time favorite music videos was absolutely revolutionary. I tend to sit in my apartment, headphones on, in the pitch black watching the 13 minute video intensely. It was spooky, creepishly good, and captivating all at the same time. In addition to Thriller, some of his hits such as Dirty Diana, P.Y.T., and Billie Jean were songs I danced to for years in jazz, hip hop, and even modern dance classes.

In conclusion, do I think that it was a tragic death? Absolutely. Do I think he truly shaped every aspect of the music industry? Without a doubt. However, do I think his financial/sexual/legal situations are something to overlook?  Not whatsoever.

R.I.P. King of Pop- You will most definitely never be forgotten (for better or for worse)


  1. i know the paedophile thing will never go away but Uri Gellar said that he hypnotised him and asked him if he ever did anything like that and under hypnosis he said ‘NO’. Uri then asked why he paid the child of and Micheal siad it was because he couldn’t stand what was happening, he just wanted it to go away.

    i think that’s why the second time he went to court because he knew it would’nt stop unitl he could show that people couldn’t get money from him that way anymore. and he was proven innocent and as the congress woman said, the is why the contitution was created, to prove the innocent and the guilty.

    my reaction – http://mariannabelle.wordpress.com/2009/07/08/micheal-jackson-memorial-service-the-aftermath/

  2. WOW thats one huge house…castle…manshion…COUNTRY!!!!!!

  3. Neverland é lindo wonderful, seria morar lá , junto com ele
    brincar , passear nos brinquedos , subir nas arvores ,correr
    o dia inteiro atrás dele , rolar na grama , acho que quando
    olho para neverland só nos lembra michael se eu tivesse
    dinheiro compraria e dava tudo para ele . I love you michael you is love ………. L.O.V.E…..

  4. aaaa ami siempre me ha gustado michael jackson que pena que murio arriba michael jackson carajoooo

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