The Not-So-Hidden Gem of Boston- The Beehive

In Uncategorized on July 15, 2009 at 4:25 pm

It’s very rare I walk out of a restaurant and think to myself, “Wow I cannot WAIT to go back again… soon.” From the moment I pulled my car into Valet to the time I drove off after dinner, I was unbelievably impressed with Beehive. Everything from the incredible food to the ambiance, music, prices, and staff. I truly had an amazing dining experience. You are all aware at this point just how often I dine out so coming from me, that’s a BOLD statement.


I will say this much– from the moment I walked through the red velvet drapes and walked down the dimly lit stairs… I was entraced to say the least. I walked downstairs to find an array of people standing up conversing, musicians playing soft music in the corner, and couples enjoying romantic dinners. After the initial shock at the wide array of people, conversations, and situations going on, I finally took a look at the amazing menu.


I ordered the Lobster Gazpacho to start. It was a large and filling appetizer for a very reasonable price. It was garnished with tortilla strips and full of fresh, cold chunks of Lobster. It was out of this world. My friend Katie had the Mussels with Lager, Tomatoes, and Old Bay — there were enough for us to share/ pass around the table. Those too were delicious.

For dinner, I had a tough time deciding what to pick. I ended up choosing the Local Sea Scallops with English Peas, Asapagus, and Papardelle Pasta— it was tasty, light and airy, and totally satisfying … all at once. For $22 dollars you really couldn’t go wrong. Lena had the Risotto with Roasted Vegetables and Scallions which was probably the best risotto I’ve tasted in a while.

For dessert we all split a Strawberry-Rhubarb Crumble with Warm Vanilla Ice Cream. We all agreed we would be content to have that dessert every night for the rest of our lives.

Alongside the great food, we truly loved socializing with tables next to us and listening to the music (which by the way changes daily — schedules can be found on their website for the Upcoming Bands for the week at www.beehiveboston.com). All in all I suggest you visit Beehive, very soon.


541 Tremont Street

(617) 423-0069


  1. How much did they pay you for that review?

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