My Pet Peeves

In Uncategorized on July 21, 2009 at 8:42 pm


I’m sorry I’m an asshole I know but please… I beg of you… when wearing leggings and or shorts, either don’t wear any undies or wear ones that aren’t visible. No one wants to see your granny panties. I can promise you this. Also, it seems to be that the people who are the most frequent victims of this panty disaster are people you REALLY don’t want to be seeing in tight clothing to begin with.



Think about it. No one wants to STILL be at work at 4 through 6, no one is socially allowed to be getting drunk between those hours, and unless you’re in a retirement home.. you don’t eat dinner between those hours. Therefore, THEY SUCK.


3) TATTOOS WITH NO RELEVANCE- I’m from The Dirty Jersey so I can say with confidence I’ve seen my fair share of tattooes. I think if there’s some purpose for getting one i.e. your way of showing appreciation for your Veteran Grandfather, OK, I will take that. You writing your name in various languages on my behind? No. I’m not down. I think there’s a large array of tacky tatts that should be abolished all together. Here are a few of my faves:

Chinese symbols for “strength” “power” “balance” –> you’re most likely not able to read Chinese other than when you Googled how to translate “power” into Chinese. AKA you’re not entitled to get these tattooes

Your initials. No offense, but if you don’t know your own initials by 18 that’s a big big issue.

BOYFRIEND/GIRLFRIEND names... need I say more? If you’re dumb enough to tattoo their name of your body permanently, stay faithful. That’s all I have to say about the matter

Stupid ass butterflies — in reality, none of us can relate to butterflies because we don’t know what they’re thinking and no one is clearly related to these creatures so there’s no reason why it should stamped on your ass.

5) WHISPERING- I don’t like libraries, secrets, or dirty talk hence why I don’t like anything having to do with whispering. I think perhaps it’s because I’m a loud creature, or perhaps because I don’t like the actual sound of people whispering near me. Whenever I’m on a plane with my mom and she wants to be mindful of others, she’ll start whispering. I will then lash out on her and say in a high pitch tone, ‘LISTEN WE’RE PAYING TOO FOR THE FLIGHT SO SPEAK UP SISTER!’



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