Entourage Commentary: Week 3

In Uncategorized on July 27, 2009 at 2:17 pm

I have a few comments…. and I have a few questions regarding last nights episode of Entourage.

Here are my comments:

1) Ashley and E– I don’t understand why he’s wasting a cup of French Roast Coffee over this little 12 year old. She looks as though she was just taken out of the Russian Ballet or smuggled into the US as an underage housewife.  In addition to the fact that I despise her, I want him with Sloane…. like, who doesn’t really? The whole E situation is making me very sad. Things better change soon- how many more coffee makers can one girl ruin per season before she’s given the boot? Come on now.


2) Turtle’s Big Moves– While I didn’t see this whole “back to school” concept formulating, I think it could be very interesting if all of a sudden he somehow comes up with an innovative business plan and hits it big. Then, Vince, whose used to all of the spotlight may be a bit intimidating/overwhelmed. Jamie Lynn I must add is a horrible actress on this show, I can’t figure out if this is part of her character or her…. just sucking.


3) Lloyd and Ari- I have faith that Lloyd will get the promotion he deserves. While some of the things Ari has been making him do are outlandish (i.e. call everyone including Turtle by their formal name and remember each and every line of new scripts) I think Ari’s making a point. One of the best lines of the episode was definitely when he told Turtle that it takes the drive and determination that someone like Lloyd has, to get ahead. It can’t be handed over to you when the stroke of a pen.



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