Shia, Taylor, Miley, Tom- Celebrities I Like But Wish I Didn’t

In Uncategorized on August 22, 2009 at 4:11 pm

1) Taylor Swift– My preconceived notion about Taylor was that she pretty much fell under the “tweenie bopping guitar thumping” label… or even under the Disney crew. Neither of which I came to realize was the case. I also originally didn’t like her merely because she has the same name as myself and is wildly more popular. After getting over the grudges, I began hearing hype about this wholesome, work crazed musician so I decided to read up and listen in… and what a mistake I had made. She’s SO anti- LiLo in her lack of interest dating women, wearing belly tops, and crashing into cars drunkenly. She pretty much put her entire tour together from lighting to music to ensemble …. and her songs are great too. Overall, I would love to say I still hated Taylor Swift but she’s currently background music on my ITunes, so that’s clearly not the case.


2) Miley Cyrus- OK, don’t judge me for this one buttttt…. I have posted derogatory Miley posts, I’m aware. However, she has her shit together- I have to admit. Some of her music is wildly catchy and fun to “bop” to– literally and metaphorically. I don’t think she’s classy nor would I ever take a ticket for her concert if given to me but I don’t think she’s half bad. I think she should PROBABLY invest in tooth reconstruction work, but that’s me being bitchy. She seems to do well with the teen girls/ Disney scene — personally I am still confused about who she plays on TV and who she is in her music. Miley or Hannah Montana? I don’t get it. Regardless, I think she’s growing on me slowly but surely.


3) Tom Brady- I don’t like people who are fawned after– ever. And seeing as that I live in Boston, he’s practically a messiah. I think he’s extremely attractive and sporty. Sure if a conversation were to ever come about involving economics, politics, or anything scholarly? I’m sure he would have to excuse himself to go to the bathroom, but who cares. He’s talented and very…. very… nice to look at.


4) Shia LaBeouf- I’ve had an obsession with Shia ever since Even Stevens ENDED. Why should I not like him you ask? Well..

a) He’s fractured most of his body parts due to risky business– I will say though that the arm braces and bandages are somewhat sexy

b) He is an inner nerd, and while I am too? He isn’t embracing his old Disney roots- weak sauce.

c) I hear from various sources he’s somewhat crazy…. like psychologically. Oh well, I can deal.


  1. I love Taylor Swift! She is my all time fav famous person. I cant believe you have bad thoughts about her sometimes! She is a good person, she doesnt do drugs or drink, and shes an amazing singer-songwriter! But I hateeveryone else you wrote about in this article.

  2. i love miley & taylor cause they’re beautiful & their songs are great!
    shia is a great actor and good boy!

  3. I love Taylor, Miley, Tom

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