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10 Things You Most Likely Don’t Know About Me

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If you’ve clicked on this blog post, clearly you care somewhat about me and my well-being, and for that? I thank you. I thought it’d be a really fun little blog post to do, so here goes nothing.

10) I rarely turn lights on in my kitchen… I have perhaps turned them on I’d say three times since having moved into my current apartment. I am somewhat anal, okay VERY anal, and I prefer NOT to have this “doctor’s office bright” bulb show me all of the imperfections of my kitchen. With that in mind, I tend to turn on all other lights in my apartment in hopes that it will be sufficient lighting for me to make meals in there…. go ahead, judge me now.


9) I continued on with Harry Potter books for one reason and one reason only…. MY BURNING DESIRE TO ONE DAY EAT IN A HUGE MEDIEVAL CAFETERIA LIKE THE STUDENTS AT HOGWARTS. I want nothing more for my birthdays and holiday times… all I ask of anyone is to invite me to a boarding school Thanksgiving Meal. I will sit quietly in my flannel pajamas and absorb the beauty that is…. Boarding school style holiday meals, sigh.


8) I have a cat, named Gray… Reason being? I wanted a computer and instead, on my tenth birthday, I was given a cat.… IN a computer box. While wildly disappointed, by parents asked what I wished to name the little rodent (whom I still despise fyi, 10 + years later). I reply? He’s a gray cat, so just name him Gray.

7) My first true love? Patrick Swayze, may he RIP. I swear I had butterflies in my stomach just glancing at him on the big television screen- Dirty Dancing? Ghost? Let’s be serious now, how many FAITHFUL MEN (must chime in) can DANCE better than Prima Ballerinas and be amazing athletes too? Sigh.


6) I used to have a mild obsession with hot milk– warm regular milk. I wouldn’t be able to sleep without it. Weird because I am currently and have been lactose intolerant for over the past 10 years. Regardless, it was my “smoothing technique” to put me to sleep all throughout my childhood years. So my advice for anyone who can’t sleep? Or who perhaps had one too many Rockstars in a day? HAVE A WARM GLASS O’ MILK.

5) I watch Jimmy Neutron, a lot….. He’s witty. The show is smart and funny and has so many adult satirical references. I don’t care who knows, I LOVE JIMMY NEUTRON EVERYBODY. So deal with it.


4) After I had my tonsils taken out I came back home and found a possum swimming in my pool, as a result, I did not go back into that pool for FIVE YEARS. No I am not exaggerating. Through “extremely careful sanitation processes” and countless cleaners scrubbing on their hands and knees, I decided- it was up to par.

3) I used to have a sick obsession with Peanut Butter. I ran, a very long amount of time growing up and found PB to be one of the best ways to gain energy after a long day of classes. What happened, eventually however, was that I could not FUNCTION without my PB. I even kept a jar in my XC locker, yes, that is true.


2) My biggest pet peeve is when tourists are wandering the streets with maps, and bump into me. While I’m a very non confrontational person I become LIVID when this occurs. “HI? Is it REALLY that difficult to route your plan of attack for the day PRIOR to walking the sidewalks of a city???” PEOPLE have places to go, GOSH.

1) I am extremely claustrophobic. To the point where nothing will stop me from “choosing the option no one ever wants to take”– CLIMBING THE STAIRS. My hands get clammy, I feel faint, and I begin to curse like a dirty SAILOR when the elevator doesn’t move fast enough…. or move at all. I feel if I were trapped in an elevator, poor people stuck in it with me… That’s all I have to say about the matter.


Celebrity Couples I Can’t Wrap My Mind Around

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I have to admit — I do sometimes wish I could be swept away by Shia LaBeouf…. or Shane West…. well, pretty much any attractive actor would do. But in reality, I do sometimes look at couples in Hollywood and scratch my head. I don’t get a lot of the relationships that are and were taking place in Hollywood. With that in mind I thought I’d summarize some of my thoughts on my blog, DUH.

1) Seal and Heidi Klum– Now, don’t get me wrong. I do think Seal’s style and voice are both unbelievably sexy, however, I just can’t see those two together. I could see him swaying his hips in the dim lighting of his living room, with a glass of pino and a romantic black and white film on in the background. I see Heidi more into the flashing lights, champagne, city scene. But hey, I’m clearly not a good match maker because they are still SO smitten.


2) Evan Rachel Wood and Marilyn Manson— Need I elaborate on that one? The only comparison I could possibly make would be to compare Evan’s “stunt” with Marilyn like my interest in dating a skater kid during my freshman year of high school. Sure he rarely showered, was a “pop version of a skater kid” aka he wore Independent and FOX, but who cares– I thought I was bad-ass. As does she apparently.


3) Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox- This one boggles my mind more than the rest. She IS the actual sexual fantasy of every guy ages 14-45 and she’s with a TOTAL HASBEEN who doesn’t even treat her well? I’m SO lost. I know girls like the guys who don’t pamper them but come on…. can’t we compromise on Mario Lopez? He at least surpassed the “90’s hasbeen status”– Brian has definitely not, come on Megan you can do so much better.


4) Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy- Ok Jim’s funny, yes, psychotic a bit though too? YES. His hair in the photo below is also longer than Jenny’s but that’s besides the point. I get she’s also a “funny” hot ex-Bunny but I just don’t see how they click, whatsoever. I couldn’t imagine being in a relationship with Jim Carrey period, I feel like he’d pop out of a bathroom screaming ‘SOMEBODYYYY STOP ME’ at least once a day… and that’d get really old.


What Would You Bring With You On A Deserted Island?

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Someone recently brought up the conversation starter, “What would you bring with you on a deserted island?” Everyone’s reply usually consists of…. some form of beverage and or food, music to listen to, and perhaps someone to mate with (to pass the time of course). I decided to think long and hard about my answer… seeing as that many shows such as Survivor and LOST deal specifically with this concept I thought it’d be a fun blog post. Feel free to comment on what you’d bring with you……

1) Hands down I’d have to bring these three CD’s (don’t ask me realistically how they would be played because I think CD players went out of fashion a very very long time ago)

  • Eagles Hell Freezes Over— If I had to pick one album to summarize my upbringing it’d be this album, from winters in Vermont to summers spent in the Hamptons, this album made my childhood
  • Jason Mraz Waiting For My Rocket To Come — I believe at this point of my adoration for Mr.Mraz, were friends. He just doesn’t know it yet. I think every song on this album reminds me of a different aspect of my life. It has been a staple CD of mine for many years.
  • Eric Clapton Unplugged– This CD pretty much has many connections to me and my life, especially the song “Tears in Heaven”… I will always keep a copy of this CD someone close by me, no matter what I may move later in life


2) My Nike Pegasus (dating back to 02′)- Sure they have holes in the heels and have been put in the wash one too many times but I will say this much…. they are far more reliable and consistent than any man, that’s for sure! These shoes have been with me through the hills of Sardinia to the icy trails in the Vermont outdoors. I will always be loyal to my one and only true loves, the Nike Pegasus.


3) A Jar of Peanut Butter/Jelly Swirl- Here’s my mentality — I don’t like jelly however you’re getting both the protein and the deliciousness of the PB but also some sweetness too IN ONE TUB! I also figure I’m not catching any wild animals or bringing chocolate with me… chocolate melts and animals? Well, you can never be too certain.


4) Dane Cook- Ok I know I’ve never mentioned him once on here however on a deserted island you not only need someone attractive to look at? But you need someone to crack you up as well. AHOY, hence where DANE COOK comes in. I think I’d be able to successfully accomplish both tasks don’t you?


…. If you’re wondering why I didn’t mention sentimental things like “photos of my family” or “my dogs”…. let’s get real here guys. A) Anyone who says they’d pick a photo of their family over a possession is lying to your face. B) I’m not an animal lover. Done deal.


Degrassi–Why Do I Love You? Let Me Count The Ways

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I tend to keep certain aspects of my life hidden… such as my obsession with Jimmy Neutron, my habit of eating waffles with whipped cream every night… things of that nature. I was skeptical for years of proclaiming my hidden love for the show Degrassi until I realized… I am not alone in the obsession, whatsoever. I thought for a long time I was the only one who had ever heard of or watched the channel Noggan (soon to be Team Nick… as in Team Nick Cannon??? Very confused but anyways). I realized SO many of my friends and classmates also are addicted to the originally Canadian show. Seeing as that I am DYING in anticipation for the new season to begin in October, I thought it’d be fitting to post my top 10 reasons I love the show now… just in case any of you are amateurs and want to catch up!

10) Spinner is still on the show — Spinner, the bad boy whose been through more girls than John Mayer has had his fair share of ups and downs, including bouts with cancer and bald heads. He had triumphed over it all however and managed to nab one of the only “FORMER DEGRASSI” spots on the show… AKA he’s one of the older members still returning back on the show. LOVES it.

9) Emma’s now unattractive and a brunette- I’ve always had issues with Emma… she’s hot then cold, up then down.. she never knows which guy she wants. I just don’t relate to her character at all. She used to be hot … after her whole anorexia/pre pubescent phase. The period during which her hair was blonde, she had boobs, and she was dating Peter.

8) Jimmy aka DRAKE aka Aubrey Graham- I LOVED him on the show, why you may ask? Because not only was he an athlete but a philanthropist, artist, and musician. Who could ask for more in a man I mean really? He also dealt VERY well with his shooting and his eventual handicap.


7) Peter’s on COKE in the new episodes- So me and my best friend Hadassa discussed recently the overlap of Degrassi themes but it’s all good- They’ve already done the “I’M A MUSICIAN THEREFORE I’M ALSO A COKEHEAD THEME” with Craig back in the day… But I love this one even more because Peter’s mom’s the Principle oh and he’s totally straight edge…. minus his “badass desire to drag race”.

6) Paige’s Questionable Sexuality– Ok so I’ll admit that I hated her for the first few years of watching the show… she was unattractive in my eyes and acted like the Queen Bee.. OH and she always says “SWEETIE” or “HUN”… When she decided to become Bi, however, I took a step back and decided she’s pretty freakin’ cool.

5) CRAIG, CRAIG, CRAIG- I don’t know what screams cool to me about him necessarily but I love everything about his character– he’s selfish, can’t decide who he wants more Manny or Ellie, dabbles with Coke obviously because he’s a musician and that’s what they do… and also gives up schooling for music. Yet again I say, “obviously”.


4) Ellie’s relationship with her boss- I can’t remember his name, the guy she started seeing right when she got to college, but anyway, regardless, he was quite the hunk. It also intensified his coolness that he was her boss for the newspaper at college. She’s a lost puppy looking for love and can’t seem to get it quite right ever… I feel kind of bad.

3) Marco’s style- Gay men in general know how to dress, so I can’t say he stands out but lately he’s been stepping up his game — in the new movie “Degrassi Goes Hollywood” he looked quite fly I must admit. Keep it up Marco.

2) The Newbies– Alli, K.C., Clare, and Connor- While 9th grade was SO very long ago for me, I can’t relate quiteee exactly to the new kids on the block but I do think they’re potential for DEGRASSI GREATNESS is high… especially because they all have demons of their own and are totally unique.


1) Last but not least– WHAT’S TO COME FOR….. Peter, Sav, Mia, Holly J, Darcy, and Riley during their final years at Degrassi? WE MUST WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER TO FIND OUT… I AM DYING!!!