Nip/Tuck, New Season, New Scares

In Uncategorized on October 28, 2009 at 3:36 pm

I can’t lie… over the years I’ve been hot and cold, more like extremely hot and cold with Nip/Tuck. I began watching when the pilot aired x amount of years ago, must have been at least 5 years ago? Wow time flies… Anyways, I was absolutely obsessed with the show for a very long time. What ended up happening, however, was the content got more and more racy and more twisted. The point at which I stopped watching (aka took a hiatus) was when Troy made a larger woman put a paper bag over her face while he had sex with her from behind. I was EXTREMELY offended by it so I stopped watching for the rest of the season…

I can’t, however, seem to turn away from it completely. This season which just began 2 weeks ago has become one of my favorites for many reasons. There are clearly a few aspects that I am VERY not cool with, but hey, that’s every show for you.


1) Mario Lopez, Mario Lopez, Mario Lopez — OK so my old boss from NYC told me the first day we began working together about her hatred for the media crazed Lopez. While I do agree wholeheartedly? I think he’s EXACTLY the character that’s been missing on the show, the hotter…. richer… and nicer doctor. Troy needs to be put in his place, let’s be serious — his body is ABSOLUTE PERFECTION. Thank you FX for putting a smile on my face before I go to bed, thank you.     


2) Rose McGowan – while I don’t like her gold digging, knieving ways,  I think she brings a level of intruige to the show that’s been missing. Kimber’s WAY outlived her lifespan on the show, in my opinion. We get it Kimber, you’re low on cash & self-esteem but the fact that you’ve stooped down to working at a Chinese Nail Salon & molding “faux” cocks to sell on the black market? Like, you’re done in my opinion. McGowan, however, is sneaky… and hot…. and seductive. I don’t know — well see what happens with her, I hope Lizzy and Sean see right through her act. The fact the previews say they’re proposed? Makes me nervous.


3) McNamara’s Downspiral of a Life- To be honest? Troy went from being the hot one on the show to the extremely pathetic one in my eyes. I don’t even find him hot anymore, sad, tear. Anyway — I will say this much. Over the course of the show, McNamara has COMPLETELY turned into a mess of a human being, while becoming hotter each season — didn’t think THAT was coming. He went from being the mundane, sexually frusterated doctor husband to this nutball, who fucks every looney toon with legs, tries to overdose on pills, and is extemely alone and depressed. HOT.


4) Lizzy Fights Back- She’s always had spunk — I love Lizzy. While I think FX was ridiculously stupid to have her character fall in love with Troy, I don’t think that you can help who you love sometimes — and that’s clearly what they were trying to  get at with that relationship. While that fizzle as we ALL knew would happen, I am SO glad she’s getting the pay back and closure she wellfully deserves. He’s a slime ball who won’t change (Troy, that is) no matter who comes along. He’s unable to change for anyone – end of story… I thought perhaps, that their weird lesbian/narsasstic relationship MAY work out in some weird way, but I was wrong. While by the end of the episode last night she dropped the charges, I am glad she’s standing her ground and making her point against that douche.



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