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Glee, Oh How I Love Thee

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In my Communication Theory class a few weeks ago, my professor asked us to watch a few clips of the new hit show, Glee, and define the various high school stereotypes that were presented… Of course you have:

The dumb, somewhat attractive, somewhat not Jock….

The hot, knocked up cheerleader who can’t hold a tune or making one convincing line within the show…

The large and extremely talented black girl who can go head to head against Jennifer Hudson no doubt…

The troubled wheelchair boy that has such a great, raspy, dark singing voice….

The geek girl who is in reality extremely hot under her “nerd facade”….

The “bad boy” whom actually knocked up the cheerleader, as opposed to the jock (sporting a mohawk mind you) …

The gay guy with the diva attitude and the unaccepting father…

What I love most about the show is its ability to turn all of the typical stereotypes on its head. While they do have concrete roles they play within the typical high school setting, their actions and behaviors veer very far from what you’d expect. In addition, the musical aspect of the show is unbelievable… From Kanye’s Gold Digger to Sisqo’s The Thong Song, they incorporate a musical- like quality with new age/ old school music into the sitcom. I’m not used to watching a TV show then hearing the characters begin belting out Cher. I LOVE every minute of it.

My favorite character is Lea Michele, who plays Rachel Berry, the talented yet very geeky girl in the Glee Club. There’s something about her character that’s so genuine it’s almost alarming. She has the best set of vocals in the bunch, and in my mind is the most attractive. She shows her insecurities throughout the show as well as her confidence in her singing abilities. I hope she wins an Emmy for her role.

I also love Matthew Morrison, who plays Mr. Schuster on the show. He’s sexy in a geeky, teacher-like way and can’t belt out a tune like the rest of them. While I think his temptations veer him off course at times, he loves his wife and his Glee Club more than anything else.


Rihanna – My Ultimate Girl Crush

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I rarely day dream about women – most of the time they upset me. When it comes to Rihanna, however, I think about her and her style on a daily basis. Not to mention the fact that her new CD is UNBELIEVABLE.  Through her trials and tribulations, Rihanna has overcome and risen above if anything. From her top chart songs including “Russian Rihoulette” to “Hard”, she is knocking it on vocally and dressing edgier than ever before — I can’t wait to see what else she pulls out from her bag of tricks.

Her tattoos amaze me… I secretly want 10, but, I am a pansy. So instead I will day dream about Rihanna’s instead. I absolutely love the stars they are so artsy and supernatural. I love them. The only one I’m not quite a fan of is her gun on her side? But hey, I can’t relate to her state of mind at the time she got it inked onto her, so I won’t judge.
Her whole “I’m Michael Jackson, but hotter and less creepy look” works… very well. I dig the whole ensemble she’s been continually showing on the red carpets and out to dinners lately — while the gloves aren’t my favorite, she can so rock the men’s MJ (if you will) blazers.

Style Trends I’m Drooling Over…

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Before I began this blog, I was a huge fashionista…. I took and created my OWN “upper level” Fashion Illustration and Design courses in my high school, won Best Dressed Superlative, and even went to University of Delaware originally for PR in Fashion. My have things changed…. I will say, however, I do sometimes get swept back into my love for fashion and all things trendy. While my daily attire doesn’t branch far off from yoga pants, my old school nikes, and a wrap of some sort, I do TRY sometimes, and when I do? I look darn good. I thought it’d be fun to do a little fashion round up, pointing out some of my favorite trends…

ALL THINGS GLITTER- The only department I’m a sucker for Holiday Season is with my adoration for the Starbucks cups, New York Window Decorations, and all things GLITTER (in both clothing and makeup). MAC makes this orgasmic Gold Eyeliner, I MUST HAVE IT NOWWWW…. I ran into Eva Mendes pictures from the AFI Awards recently. If I could text her right now I would and ask her where she got the dress, I need it immediately.

PERFUME RINGS- I am such a sucker for perfume in general, I also tend to over use it — I wake up, spray some, then throughout the day, squirt some here and there… hence why I am currently staring at THREE EMPTY MARC JACOBS PERFUME BOTTLES, sigh… tear. Anyway, I love rings and love the accessibility of these perfume rings. They’re adorable looking and secretly carry your perfume? I’m such a fan.

TIE DIE JEANS- I think I love and hate this style trend, I get it — you can afford $500 tie died jeans, and it is reminiscent of your younger years but is it necessary that all celebs carry themselves like MK Olsen?!? I like the concept, light washed tie died jeans are hot, but at the same time I’m hating the “I’m not a fashion follower when in reality I really am” look.

METALLIC EYE SHADOWS- This look probably makes a world of difference for people with smaller eyes. My eyelashes, however, are about a foot in length so I would try this look solely because it’s warm and inviting. I think these bronze eye lids could really transform a dull black cocktail dress outfit to a show stopper.

BOXY JACKETS WITH MISMATCHED TEES- I love boxy jackets because they can be dressed up or down — I think it would be so hot to pair one of these jackets with ripped up jeans and boots. It could also look great dressed up maybe with Harem Pants? The possibilities are endless, as are the mismatched tees you could pair under neath them.

My NYC Weekend Getaway….

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I don’t think of myself as a square, but I’m beginning to think I am…. The hotel I stayed at for the weekend, Ace Hotel, located on West 29th & Broadway was most definitely an eye opener. Once I got settled in, however, and had a few Vodka Soda’s with my friend Tracey the place grew on me. By this morning when I checked out I was somewhat sad… I will miss waking up to people still up partying and blasting techno jams at 9 am. Think faux prescription glasses, “man purses”, esoteric drink menus, and a whole lot of swank.

Okay, I am really bad with directions and got lost trying to find this Meat Packing Hot Spot, but luckily I eventually found it. I am in love with that area of the city — I was never too familiar with it, nor did I ever really venture there until now. From now on I will be… It’s “hoppin” as my mother likes to say. Dinner at One Little West 12th was enjoyable — atmosphere was great, seats were perhaps a bit too close for comfort but the dishes were all solid — I had the Roasted Pear and Beet Salad with a light Vinaigrette and Goat Cheese for an appetizer, and had the Pan Roasted Chicken with a Sweet Potato Puree and Fig Compote with a Cider Reduction. I’m not a fan of figs, but besides that I really enjoyed the dish.

My other dinner was at Inoteca Liquori, a bustling Italian restaurant located on 3rd and 24th. I was NOT  a fan of the atmosphere, but the food was pretty good. I wouldn’t say the restaurant was a STAND OUT, but it would be a nice booked meal for a fun, lively, Italian dinner in the city. The one perk to the restaurant? For an appetizer, dinner, two glasses of vino, and a cappuccino it was 31 DOLLARS. Where can you honestly find deals like that nowadays?

The last stop on my little excursion was at The Other Room, courtesy recommendation of my new NYU friend Oliver. The Other Room, located in the West Village on Perry Street, was so warm and inviting I couldn’t even believe it. It sucks you in from the outside, really. The bar featured a series of esoteric beers and wines to choose from, comfy booths and tables, and an overall chic and ultra relaxing environment.

What a great weekend…. Until next time

Top 10 Hottest Guys in Hollywood

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I realize that there are larger issues at hand — such as health care coverage and wars in Iraq. This blog however, has always and will continue to fulfill one purpose — to entertain. With that in mind, I will go over my take on who the most attractive are in Hollywood, don’t judge.

10. Taylor Kitsch- There’s something about his rugged look, and his character in Friday Night Lights that just does me in. He’s from the South, he can whip up a good steak I’m sure, and isn’t too sore on the eyes.

9.  James Franco- I mean, he’s our generation’s James Dean. He’s sexy, talented, and has a college education. What more could you ask for?

8. Robert Pattinson- I really didn’t want to put Mr. Pattinson on my list, as attractive as I find him, merely because every other girl alive will agree with me on this which bothers me. His flannel shirts, Ray Bans, and unwashed hair just lures me into him, unfortunately his acting does not.

7. Penn Badgley- So, he’s been taken for quite a while now…. which makes me less interested in him. But I like him with Blake Lively — I can’t lie, I would like to take her place on their daily strolls through Greenwich while eating ice cream cones

6. John Legend- I really don’t even need to make my remarks, you already know…. ❤

5. Justin Timberlake- He can sing, he makes clothing, he runs successful restaurants, and did I mention he is beautiful? I think he has the total package — I would love nothing more than to go for one of those early morning LA runs in the mountains with him, just substitute me for JBiel.

4. Tom Brady- He’s flipped flopped with the ladies, but that’s ok, I forgive him. He’s now with Giselle, making them the two most envied people in America. I’m sure their child is going to be ungodly … isn’t that how it always works? Keep repping Massachusetts in football and I will reconsider the duration of my stay.

3. Eric Dane- Granted, he’s gotten into his fair share of deep water this year (cough a threesome cough) but I will say this much — he looks DAMN good in surgical scrubs. Rock on Eric Dane, rock on.

2. Shia LaBeouf- Ok, so maybe he bugged the shit out of me in Even Stevens — the curly hair, the fart pranks, I just didn’t dig it. Something happened, when he went through puberty, he became unbelievably hot. Maybe it’s his chain smoking, or the slovenly dress, or perhaps the broken arms from car crashes — I don’t know what it is, but I am in love. Shia, call me.

1. Ashton Kutcher- I follow him on Twitter… I follow Demi on Twitter…. I look at their Twitpics and envy her more than I should. He is breathtaking, philanthropic, and innovative. He tops my list, without a doubt.

My “Date” with John Legend

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Ask anyone who has any form of relation to me, who I obsess over — the consensus will undoubtedly be John Legend. It began as an admirer of his soothing soul music, to a full BLOWN obsession over the past year. I think about him all too often, and with that in mind, I think it would be highly enjoyable to come up with my “faux date night” with him.

Here’s the one caveat — he does already have a girlfriend, but the deal with her is as such. I CLEARLY follow her on Twitter, and it is confirmed : yes she is beautiful but not a brain surgeon to say the least. John won one of TIME Magazine’s Most Influential People last year — LIKE, come on John. She doesn’t have to be a brain trust but she should be able to spell properly for gosh sake.

villa lounge 020508I believe at concert number…. well, at the next concert I’m going to of his which will be on January 1st in Atlantic City, he will finally recognize my presence and bring me on stage for “Slow Dance”. He usually picks, the most voluptuous, and attractive African American female in the audience. Meaning. My chances are unbelievably small but a girl can dream right?


So, I was reading Bon Appetit last night, and came across a Q&A with John about his most memorable meals, favorite foods, and craziest dining experiences. As you could imagine, my adoration for B.A. just signifcantly increased…. they combined JL and food, what more could I possibly ask for? ANYWAYS, he listed off some of his favorite foods as well as what he loves to cook up/ drink when out/ steer clear from. His love for eggs and VODKA SODAS confirmed that were soul mates. I thought it’d be funny to post the “faux dinner” I’d make for him, if and when I get the chance to make this dream a reality.

Mac & Cheese

Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

Courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

Fried Chicken


Individual Chicken Pot Pies


…. Sigh, enough with the day dreaming!

What I’m Currently Obsessing Over….

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Okay, I suck at being a consistent blogger during the school year, shoot me. I try very hard but whenever I want to sit down and blog a bit…. I look to my left and see books, I look to my right and see laundry. With that in mind, I have been somewhat of a negligent partner in this relationship. I will, say however, that my stats are still consistent so thank you for all of you who check in weekly.

I love this time of year…. well, I like certain aspects of this change in seasons. I do not like the PMS weather or the fare well of my flip flops and iced coffees. While somethings I wish would continue to stay around throughout the year, there ARE some things that make me love this fall/winter season. I thought I’d go through some current obsessions of mine, NO it’s not only food related products… shocker.

1) Purple and Cream Nail Polish– it’s “fall”esque and chic. While I should write how “unfashionable” it is to wear black nail polish, I secretly love it but cannot bring myself to be one of “those people” — hence why I am a coward and wear purple instead.

img-thing2) The Red Holiday Starbucks Cup — I am such a sucker for the whole “Winter Wonderland” trance every business tries to pull. Regardless of how much I despise SBUX, I am willing to purchase my coffee there during this time of year — ONLY for the instant upper in mood.

StarbucksRedCup3) Window shopping– I don’t know why Americans decide to increase their amount of window shopping during the Holiday Season… it’s not like the merchandise suddenly becomes nicer, or that your wallet’s grown in size. The only places that are WORTH staring at the displays are typically in New York City. Regardless, I love nothing more than to wear my mittens with hot chocolate in hand and browse, browse, and browse clearly not thinking of possible gifts for friends, only myself.


4) Black Leather Jackets — cliche yes, but I just bought one this weekend and let me tell you, your confidence boosts with every wear. It gives warmth and an ego boost — who could ask for more? Now, if only I could stop being a pansy and smoke some cigs — it’d be the perfect final touch. Damn.

Kristen stewart black leather jacket letterman

5) ALL THINGS PUMPKIN– Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin French Toast, you name it I love it. I think if pumpkin were to be popular at ANY other time of year, I wouldn’t be remotely as excited… It’s just the sound of “A CINNAMON AND PUMPKIN SPICED WARM BEVERAGE” that makes me instantly happy inside.

Pumpkin Pie 1 500

Courtesy of Closet Cooking

The Not So Typical Halloween Stereotypes

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So, I sadly finished my final college Halloween – wow time flies, regardless, I must say that I can now categorize the various Halloween stereotypes. I think you will all enjoy this:

1) The Sluts who dress like they always  do….

I see girls in their panties and bras — and I think to myself, wow, what a costume. Then I re think that thought and say ya know what? I’m sure they’re the “naughty” one in their group of friends. Think about it — if you’re not a hoe on a weekend basis, you’re not going to be comfortable dressing in your undergarments for any occasion, Halloween is no exception. So with that in mind I think these girls are dressed the way they usually dress.

2) The “Brahhh” who think he’s original and hilarious, when in reality, he’s neither

You all have one person who fits this stereotype– he’s the guy who always cracks the jokes that aren’t funny. He also is probably the only one who spent weeks trying to think of the most “provocative” costume that would make giggles and shocks — when in reality the costumes been done many times before. LAME.


3) People that dress in costumes where their entire body is completely covered making them unable to participate in conversation, or have sex with anyone for that matter

Here’s the thing — I don’t mind that you invest in an actual costume for an actual Halloween store but I hope you realize what you’re doing to yourself. You’re not only unable to drink because, well you’re in a costume with no mouth opening, but you also can’t socialize at a bar, and worst of all you can’t fool around with people. Sucks to be you.

jabba costume

4) The People who shouldn’t be dressing for Halloween, period.

Either you’re too old, too over weight, or too ugly — so don’t dress up. People that are so highly unsuited to wear certain get ups still do, because they think its Halloween, why not. When in reality, I think you look dumb and no amount of alcohol could deceive me. I think people who are over 30 should not be putting money or time into costumes, unless they’re formally invited to “WORK RELATED HOLIDAY PARTIES” — that’s the only exception. Other than that, if you’re over 30 and at a bar in a SUPER TIGHT Super Woman suit and you’re a man? I will be closing my tab for the evening at that point. Thanks.