The Not So Typical Halloween Stereotypes

In Uncategorized on November 1, 2009 at 7:24 pm

So, I sadly finished my final college Halloween – wow time flies, regardless, I must say that I can now categorize the various Halloween stereotypes. I think you will all enjoy this:

1) The Sluts who dress like they always  do….

I see girls in their panties and bras — and I think to myself, wow, what a costume. Then I re think that thought and say ya know what? I’m sure they’re the “naughty” one in their group of friends. Think about it — if you’re not a hoe on a weekend basis, you’re not going to be comfortable dressing in your undergarments for any occasion, Halloween is no exception. So with that in mind I think these girls are dressed the way they usually dress.

2) The “Brahhh” who think he’s original and hilarious, when in reality, he’s neither

You all have one person who fits this stereotype– he’s the guy who always cracks the jokes that aren’t funny. He also is probably the only one who spent weeks trying to think of the most “provocative” costume that would make giggles and shocks — when in reality the costumes been done many times before. LAME.


3) People that dress in costumes where their entire body is completely covered making them unable to participate in conversation, or have sex with anyone for that matter

Here’s the thing — I don’t mind that you invest in an actual costume for an actual Halloween store but I hope you realize what you’re doing to yourself. You’re not only unable to drink because, well you’re in a costume with no mouth opening, but you also can’t socialize at a bar, and worst of all you can’t fool around with people. Sucks to be you.

jabba costume

4) The People who shouldn’t be dressing for Halloween, period.

Either you’re too old, too over weight, or too ugly — so don’t dress up. People that are so highly unsuited to wear certain get ups still do, because they think its Halloween, why not. When in reality, I think you look dumb and no amount of alcohol could deceive me. I think people who are over 30 should not be putting money or time into costumes, unless they’re formally invited to “WORK RELATED HOLIDAY PARTIES” — that’s the only exception. Other than that, if you’re over 30 and at a bar in a SUPER TIGHT Super Woman suit and you’re a man? I will be closing my tab for the evening at that point. Thanks.



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