What I’m Currently Obsessing Over….

In Uncategorized on November 11, 2009 at 12:08 am

Okay, I suck at being a consistent blogger during the school year, shoot me. I try very hard but whenever I want to sit down and blog a bit…. I look to my left and see books, I look to my right and see laundry. With that in mind, I have been somewhat of a negligent partner in this relationship. I will, say however, that my stats are still consistent so thank you for all of you who check in weekly.

I love this time of year…. well, I like certain aspects of this change in seasons. I do not like the PMS weather or the fare well of my flip flops and iced coffees. While somethings I wish would continue to stay around throughout the year, there ARE some things that make me love this fall/winter season. I thought I’d go through some current obsessions of mine, NO it’s not only food related products… shocker.

1) Purple and Cream Nail Polish– it’s “fall”esque and chic. While I should write how “unfashionable” it is to wear black nail polish, I secretly love it but cannot bring myself to be one of “those people” — hence why I am a coward and wear purple instead.

img-thing2) The Red Holiday Starbucks Cup — I am such a sucker for the whole “Winter Wonderland” trance every business tries to pull. Regardless of how much I despise SBUX, I am willing to purchase my coffee there during this time of year — ONLY for the instant upper in mood.

StarbucksRedCup3) Window shopping– I don’t know why Americans decide to increase their amount of window shopping during the Holiday Season… it’s not like the merchandise suddenly becomes nicer, or that your wallet’s grown in size. The only places that are WORTH staring at the displays are typically in New York City. Regardless, I love nothing more than to wear my mittens with hot chocolate in hand and browse, browse, and browse clearly not thinking of possible gifts for friends, only myself.


4) Black Leather Jackets — cliche yes, but I just bought one this weekend and let me tell you, your confidence boosts with every wear. It gives warmth and an ego boost — who could ask for more? Now, if only I could stop being a pansy and smoke some cigs — it’d be the perfect final touch. Damn.

Kristen stewart black leather jacket letterman

5) ALL THINGS PUMPKIN– Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin French Toast, you name it I love it. I think if pumpkin were to be popular at ANY other time of year, I wouldn’t be remotely as excited… It’s just the sound of “A CINNAMON AND PUMPKIN SPICED WARM BEVERAGE” that makes me instantly happy inside.

Pumpkin Pie 1 500

Courtesy of Closet Cooking

  1. Can’t wait for New Moon, and I’m with you on the nail polish! xoxo


  2. leather jackets can really make you look good, they also make you feel warm and comfortable -“~

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